Giorgeti says no to electric motors, what does the future hold for us?

Giorgeti says no to electric motors, what does the future hold for us?

Economic Development Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti talks about the future of cars with electric motors skeptical.

Giancarlo Giorgetti –

Future always see low To fossil combustion endothermic engineand to Politics the task of finding right solution, economic development minister, Giancarlo Giorgettiduring his speechsouth side forum“, To supported, expressed himself on the matter. His speech is about the future of mobility to electric motorsHe it is not sustainable In own country, Learn more about Let’s Intervention our minister,

Minister Giorgetti. thoughts of

Minister Giorgeti He wants to make it clear right away that he hasn’t signed that Cop26 Agreementone to see Future Of mobility To electricity only, These agreements were signed Glasgow in Scotlandduring united nations climate summit, After this agreement,The European Union decided that Selling will no longer be possible from 2035The endothermic engine car, A solution not liked by many States of Americaincluding only al Ourbut even in the middle car manufacturer Doubt prevails. so that European Parliament opened on Hybrid and hydrogen car salesEven after 2035,

hydrogen fuel
Hydrogen Engine Car –

whatever matter anxiety even more italian minister Is this dependency for battery makingfrom one state in particular, risk According to georgetti belongs to one short term addictionas it happens now gas with russia, economic development minister It’s pretty obvious, you have to diversify sources forever looking saving the environment, Its inauguration i. is towards biofuelhomes that are testing more and more, but also toward the cars they go hydrogen,

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steps of our government

Our government working for Ride towards one more sustainable mobility, You have to see what you’re doing all sourcesespecially those biofuel, just think that government for biofuel decided to spend 8 billion by 2030inside auto business transaction plan, It is evident electric vehicles E is not isolated they are also part of the planIt should be noted that instead ofhydrogen is the way climb more, There technology still does not allow build large scale hydrogen vehicle,

future of biofuels
Biocarbuanti’s service station of the future –

Ale’Italy wait what will come out of the final vote which will be the final decisionThe European Union, sulo wait until 2035Already a. has been expressed with vote in favor There Environment Commission of the European Parliament, now it’s over Parliament votes on the law, OnceThe European Union made my own lawIs for Member State CustomizationAnd it goes without saying that Country gotta find one Solution with car manufacturer,


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