Glasgow: Spontaneous Protest – “Leave Our Neighbors Alone”

Glasgow: Spontaneous Protest -
Foreign officials stopped the deportation

Spontaneous Protests in Glasgow – “Leave Our Neighbors Alone”

13.05.2021, Great Britain, Glasgow: Lawyer Amer Anwar speaks while protesters protest the deportation of two men.  The deportation has been halted after violent protests by local residents.  Photo: Andrew Milligan / PA Wire / DPA+++ dpa-buildfunk+++

Lawyer Aamer Anwar speaks while protesters protest the deportation of two men

Source: DPA

“Leave our neighbors alone, let them go,” shouted protesters on Kenmore Street in Glasgow. The protesters were so crowded that Scottish police suspended the planned deportation of two men to Glasgow.

IThe campaign is celebrated across the internet under hashtags such as #Glasgow and #KenmoreStreet: After violent protests by residents, the deportation of two men in Scotland has been halted.

The two men were released after some 200 protesters blocked a Migration Authority vehicle in the city of Glasgow for hours on Thursday. A man lay under the car to stop him from leaving. again The “Scotsman” said, The protesters raised slogans like “Leave our neighbors alone, let them go” and “Policemen, go home”.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her Justice Minister Hamza Youssef heavily criticized the action by the British Home Office. Yusuf tweeted that the “hostile environment” of the British government in Scotland is not welcome.

the moment the two men were released

the moment the two men were released

Source: DPA

there was a strike

there was a strike

Quayle: Henry Rainer via Reuters

a view of kenmore street

A view of Kenmore Street

Source: DPA

The Scottish Police, not involved in the deportation, but with a large number of forces, Finally ordered the release of two men. This should ensure the safety and health of the protesters as well. One of the men, Lakhvir S, 36, is from India. He told the PA news agency he was overwhelmed with the support.

The protesters – many of them students, a university in Glasgow – said they were particularly angry about the timing of the planned deportation, as a young artist named Lotte told the Scotsman: “It’s a terrible thing every day , but today it is ten times worse than it is because it is Eid Mubarak”. Eid Mubarak is a day to break the fast in the Muslim faith.

There was initially no response from the Home Office in London. The PA reported that the office of the responsible Secretary of State, Kevin Foster, canceled all agreed interviews for the day.


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