Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh by Electric

Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh by Electric

From Glasgow to Sharm El Sheikh, COP26 to COP27. The Journey Started by Clara Stone and Robert Clark With a full electric car it intends to raise awareness of the importance of objectives that lead to the result of zero emissions.

Clara and Robert’s adventure begins in the Scottish town that hosted the 2021 edition of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change and aims to arrive on 8 November, therefore 10 days from the moment of departure, in the area. The 2022 edition of the above conference, COP27.

The Kia Niro car chosen by Clara and Robert follows a path that crosses England first from Scotland, then France, Switzerland, first to Italy in Milan (where the two founders of StartupBusiness Envirorally met) and then to Venice . Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece from where he will leave for Sharm El Sheikh.

,Journey is managed by Envirorally which Robert and I founded two years ago – explains Clara Stone – and is supported by the Global Entrepreneurship Network which will organize GEN Week in the context of COP27 with the participation of Startup Planet which is Initiatives designed to give visibility and voice to greentech startups during COP, During our journey through various phases we meet startups, organizations, media to emphasize the importance of experience, education, innovation and communication in terms of actions to raise awareness about the environment.”

Startup Planet is a not-for-profit initiative sought by the Global Entrepreneurship Network UK and Danish Entrepreneurs, the organization hosting Global Entrepreneurship Week in Denmark and supported this year by General Egypt, the Bloomsbury Institute, Blue Marble, Relimb and One Earth received.

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“Blue Marble is the organization that tracks the CO2 emissions of our mission to allow us to analytically demonstrate the effectiveness of the project – adds Stone – and collect data that will help reduce emissions on roads.” Can be useful to speed up the process. We also face some difficulties in these ten days of travel, for example there is still a huge gap between the capillaries of the charging infrastructure in northern and central Europe and the southeast of the continent.We need to accelerate the development of these infrastructure because only in this way can we move towards transition and towards a new culture of mobility and relationship with cars”.

Infrastructure development is fundamental and the 2030 horizon is to be considered realistic, it requires greater sensitivity and political stance and that is why conferences in the form of COPs which aim to engage on the topic of climate change society at every level Have: From startups to governments.

“Our project – eliminating the two co-founders – is to consider this mission the first experiment to be repeated every year and, in order to prosper, we are already thinking about the 2023 mission which we can do as soon as possible. Will settle soon as we know where the next COP will be held, even though rumors point to Dubai as a possible venue, and we are also planning other winds as we baptized Race to Zero Where there will be a kind of competition between electric vehicles”.

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