Gobbi at the outbreak of Viggiù: “Cross-border mobility is acted upon”. And about to reopen…

  Gobbi at the outbreak of Viggiù:


18.02.2021 – 16:170

The Councilor of State states that Bern has been asked for border control several times: “These outbreaks highlight the need even more, characterized by the presence of new outbreaks”

BELINJONA – In the event of reopening in the phases proposed by the Federal Council, more and more freedom was enjoyed by the Lombards and, on the other hand, the Tissue Council of State faced a case of wiggy.

Norman Gobbi explained to Corriere del Ticino yesterday that although in Belin Arizona they are happy with the possibility that the stores will have to reopen and for new freedoms designed for leisure, a problem catering to the locomotive with the locomotive is. The amount of time elapsed between the first opening and (perhaps) the second is considered too much. In consultation he would insist on reducing it to about fifteen days.

Meanwhile, the case of Viggiù, which has become a red zone, is therefore of concern, with reduced mobility. No one can leave the municipality, but for work it is possible to do it with self-certification. Which means that travelers coming from across the border could theoretically come to Ticino, even though some employers have opted for preventive quarantine. Even in the CdT, Gobbi spoke again. “As a cantonment government, we are concerned that due to the outbreak of the Scottish variant a few kilometers from the border, especially in view of the extremely high mobility between the Italian provinces and Ticino”,

He explains that Ticino has repeatedly told Bern “to strengthen border controls in coordination with competent Italian authorities” and that Viggi’s case is only the latest in the order of time supporting the request. “The extent of mobility of people, even across the border, remains a basic tool in managing epidemic crises. These epidemics spread with the presence of new variants and the need to cross the border of the entire region further and more Exerts. Border coordination among competent health authorities “.

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