Good to go, Asl To4 project awarded

CANAVESE - Camminare fa bene, premiato il progetto dell

Canvas – Asl To4 Project “A Meal a Day Around the School” received the prestigious recognition of “Transferable Good Practice” from experts in the National Database of Health Promotion Prof. S.A. The project will be, among other things, the subject of a national experiment that will see partnerships with funding from the Ministry of Health, the Piedmont region and the Frauili Venezia Giulia, Lazio and Puglia regions.

The project originated in “Schools Promoting Health Laboratory”, a venue for discussion and co-planning organized by ASL To4, where local schools’ experiences on health promotion issues are shared and valued. . In this case, the Health Promotion Structure of ASL To4 (headed by Dr. Giorgio Bellon) of the Department of Prevention (chaired by Dr. Giovanni Mezzano), along with a general project framework, streamlines the pilot experience of the wider institution. Fiano, who adapted and reinterpreted the Scottish evidence-based project “Daily Mile”. Thus, “one mile around the school” is included in the list of health promotion projects that ASL To4 annually provides to the region.

This project combines the practice of physical activity with the possibility of learning in a place other than the classroom (external learning), also to promote and enhance social and relational aspects. Walking, three to five times a week, about one mile (1,600 m) or 20 minutes near the school, doing educational and didactic activities, is concrete action taken during the hours to combat the sedentary lifestyle of the students . To help improve lessons and general mental-physical health of children / adolescents and teachers.

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