Government and quota 100: Elsa Fornero in the team of Palazzo Chigi For

Governo e quota 100: Elsa Fornero nella squadra di Palazzo Chigi

Monti will join the council headed by Under Secretary Tabachi, the former Labor Minister of the government, and will suggest ways to the government for recovery. Many big names with them, they are me

Experts, technicians and professors return to Palazzo Chigi thanks to newborn Governing Council for Economic Policy Founded by the Under-Secretary of the Presidency, Bruno Tabacchi. among them is Elsa Fornero, former Labor Minister of the Monti government, which promoted and initiated the now famous pension reform that is currently in force. The objective of the Council would be to “orient, strengthen and efficient programmatic activity in the field of economic policy coordination”.

According to Corriere delle Serra “It must be recognized that the role that Fornero will play Adviser to the Draghi Government It will be like ‘talking cricket’ once again. On the other hand, the task that the teacher assigns to experts like himself”. It is unlikely that he will go back to dealing with pensions directly, but given the end of quota 100, the “selective intervention” needed to avoid the ladder will find a place on the Governing Council table.

Together with Fornero, the Italian elite of economics, law and labor would arrive to guide, strengthen and efficient the policy of the Draghi government, a kind of “committee of wise men”, as the republic defines it, which had the functions. Would suggest the best recipes to rev up the executive and boost growth. some names? Other members include Giuseppe Guzzetti, former President of the Cariplo Foundation, former Director of Bankitalia, Anna Maria Tarantola, economist Alessandra Lanza (formerly of the IMF, Sass and Intesa Sanpaolo), Vice President of Asolombarda, Antonio Calabra, former Dean of the IMF, and Intesa Sanpaolo. of Sociology at Cattolica in Milan, Mauro Magatti. And again: Patrizia de Luis, Giuseppe de Rita, Alessandro Palanza, Alessandro Pazno, Monica Parrella, Paola Profetta, Silvia Scosze, Alessandra Cervidori, Mauro Zampini. The body will be headed by Under Secretary Tabachi himself.

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governing council Dip. works in, Department for the planning and coordination of economic policy, directed by Marco Leonardi.


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