Government, Elsa Fornero adviser to Draghi: she will be part of Deepay

Government, Elsa Fornero adviser to Draghi: she will be part of Deepay

In a press release published on the website of Dip we read that “The Under-Secretary of the Presidency of the Council, Bruno Tabacchi, based on the delegation received from President Mario Draghi, has established a Governing Council, which will have, free of charge, the task of orienting, strengthening and manipulating programmatic activity. DIPE in the area of ​​coordination of economic policy”.

“such a body” – we still read – will be presided over by Tabachi himself, in coordination with Professor Marco Leonardi, the head of the DIPE. Therefore the following are nominated and are part of: Antonio Calabra, Patrizia de Luis, Giuseppe de Rita, Elsa Fornero, Giuseppe Guzzetti, Alessandra Lanza, Mauro Magatti, Alessandro Palanza, Alessandro Pazno, Monica Parrella, Paola Profeta, Silvia Scozze , Alessandra Cervidori, Anna Maria Tarantola, Mauro Zampini”.

pension node

we come back to talk Improvement From pension With a “selective vision” academia lets itself slip. That is, it would be possible to help retired citizens who have real health problems, old age or who work strenuously and last but not least, expand the voice option women.

For quota 100, the league’s symbol law, which closes in 2018. fournero law He backed an exhaustive election campaign backed by poor evaluations on the results achieved due to method errors, on the number of exodus produced and on the lack of guarantees, we would go ahead by the end of the year but with shortness of breath.

What is dip and what does it do

NS Department For programming and Coordination of Economic Policy is the support structure for the Chairman of the Council in matters of coordination of economic policy and planning of public investment of national interest, as well as policies aimed at the economic development of regions and urban areas.

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Specifically, it takes care of resolutions resulting from the scrutiny of proposals and approval of works from administrations requesting CIPE funds. In addition, it monitors and coordinates public investment. in view of the arrival of fund pnrr So it will be a nerve center for managing those investments.


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