Great Britain: Big Election Day – “Destiny Election” in Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister and chairman of the Scottish National Party (SNP), campaigned for the Scottish general election.  The SNP expects elections to the regional parliament in Scotland on 6 May.  for an absolute majority.
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Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish First Minister and chairman of the Scottish National Party (SNP), campaigned for the Scottish general election. At the election to the regional parliament in Scotland on 6 May, the SNP hopes. for an absolute majority. © Andy Buchanan / DPA

Voting is taking place in England, Scotland and Wales. The elections in Edinburgh are exciting: the ruling party is hoping for an absolute majority. She calls for an independence referendum.

LONDON / EDINBURG – Polling Stations are OPEN: You are able to vote in regional and local elections in Great Britain from 8am (CEST) onwards. New regional parliaments are appointed in Scotland and Wales. In large parts of England, people elect new councils and district councils and mayors – including in London. Voting slips can be submitted till 11 PM (CEST). For the most part, results aren’t expected until the weekend.

The results of parliamentary elections in Scotland, where the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) is hoping for an absolute majority, are awaited with great anticipation. According to surveys, it must be very tight. The SNP calls for a second independence referendum for Scotland, but this is subject to the approval of the central government in London. The SNP is currently ruling with the tolerance of the Scottish Greens. It is expected that an absolute majority will increase the pressure on London.

Great Election Day in Great Britain: the results of the general election in Scotland are eagerly awaited

In the first referendum in 2014, 55 percent of Scots voted against their country’s separation from the United Kingdom. The SNP argues, however, that the position was rejected by a majority of Scottish voters. Britain’s exit from the EU* fundamentally changed.

For those in favor of independence, voting in Scotland is considered a “choice of fate”. Nicola Sturgeon, an ardent supporter of independence and head of government, hopes for an absolute majority for her Scottish National Party (SNP) – or at least a majority in parliament with other parties advocating independence. If it succeeds in the election, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have “no more moral justification” to stand in the way of a new independence referendum in Scotland, according to Sturgeon.

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In London, incumbent Labor Party incumbent Sadiq Khan is running for a second term as mayor. According to polls, he is well ahead of his conservative rival Sean Bailey on the electoral side. (dpa / aka) * mercur.d there is an offer from,


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