Great Britain, centrifugal force strengthened by Scottish vote

Great Britain, centrifugal force strengthened by Scottish vote


According to Stephen Enchelmeyer, an expert in European politics and lecturer at the University of Oxford, The 6 May elections have also reopened the question of relations between Scotland and the European Union as Nationalist Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon won 64 seats in Edinburgh’s Parliament, falling short of an absolute majority. A second independence referendum would obviously be unavoidable.

There is a significant increase of 5% in electionsAn independent Scotland of supporters today has 50%, up from 45% in the first referendum of 2014.

If there is a majority, then the referendum will be for an independent Scotland And this objective will be achieved, with the Edinburgh government asking it to enter the European Union. Scottish law is already aligned with the European one and therefore, there will be no legal problem. The problems will be political because Spain supported by France will oppose it and the support of all European countries is needed to accept the new member. The Spaniards do not want Scotland’s entry to favor a similar demand for Catalonia.

What about the situation in Northern Ireland? The British government may oppose the request for a second referendum from nationalist Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, as it risks itself in a similar situation in Northern Ireland, where a future Ireland may have a majority in favor, Uniting with Dublin will become the capital. . Me too Wells The independence movement has a certain relevance. (Sir Agency)


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