Green, Minister and Trapeze Artist –

Green, Minister and Trapeze Artist -
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The leading Scottish ecologist responsible for the environment in the London government has an unusual hobby

Those who believe that politics is a circus in which it is necessary to perform in the best numbers, they can smile if they want. Because Lorna Slater – the leader of the Scottish Greens with Patrick Harvey and a few days earlier the Minister for the Environment, Circular Economy and Biodiversity – works as a trapeze artist in her spare time. There is no reason to believe that these acrobatic skills have propelled his career. It’s just a hobby, which serves as a distraction, as we read in an interview Herald: You can’t worry about politics or work when you’re hanging upside down.

So let’s forget about the circus. Also because London directed from Downing Street is pretty spectacular. The biggest attraction currently is Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, an illusionist who managed to disappear on vacation after the Taliban conquered Afghanistan. While Boris Johnson often makes people think of Trump, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon increasingly resembles Angela Merkel. With great realism, he wanted a direct commitment from ecologists after the Scottish National Party (SNP) missed an absolute majority to just one seat in the previous election. The face of this alliance, all summer long, Lorna Slater negotiated. He and Harvey are both the first members of the Greens to become ministers in the United Kingdom. We must develop – he said – our enormous renewable energy potential to tackle the climate crisis. There is a detailed plan ready which could be an example at COP26, which is due in Glasgow in two months.

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The Canadian-born, 45-year-old, freshman settled in Scotland after graduating from university in engineering. Parliamentary candidacy in 2016 was the initial step on a path that is part of the changing political landscape. The joint program of the SNP and the Greens predicts a second independence referendum to be held by the end of 2023 if the pandemic is defeated. Warning, Johnson: Scots are serious. And they’re also very pro-European, like Lorna Slater.

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