Gualtieri announced mayor of Rome in Campidoglio handover with Virginia Raggi

Gualtieri proclamato sindaco di Roma, in Campidoglio passaggio di consegne con Virginia Raggi

few more hours Roberto Gualtieri Will go to Capital to exchange delivery with Virginia Raggi. Former economy minister declared first citizen of rome Late tomorrow afternoon and today at 11 o’clock he will return to the Palazzo Sanatorio to meet the outgoing mayor. The two will talk about what kind of candidacy to pursue Expo 2030 (in whose committee Raggi’s involvement has not been excluded) and then a new administrative session will open for the capital.

Change in delivery between Raggi and Gualtieri

So, the first appointments and the junta, which should be announced next week. Meanwhile, the former minister of Count Bis – who continues his tour in the suburbs – congratulates Bill de Blasio and Olaf Scholz on the victory in the city. And that doesn’t include whether the SPD exponent may meet demand in the coming weeks. The special thing is that the name of the new tenant of the capital has been included in the agenda of the main meetings. Mario Draghi. Gualtieri, in fact, intends to meet with the prime minister as soon as possible to discuss the jubilee’s regime. The hypothesis is an ad hoc agency, a commissioner for substantial functions and funding. «I am very pleased with the approval of the budget legislation, which includes the additional resources for the jubilee we requested», already claimed Prof. His team, which will not stop at Junta, is being defined. Thanks to a combination of the Holy Year of 2025 and the Expo of 2030, the capital’s team will see the graft of many technical and academic skills and personalities. The political forces that contributed to the victory of the centre-left will be recognized for the effort devoted to the electoral campaign, but the idea is that of an independent working group.

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Then the executive has to be 50% female. Meanwhile, Donna will be deputy mayor, a role that has focused on Francesca Bria, who is now on the opinion board of directors, but for which the concept of citizen Monica Lucarelli is also making its way. In addition, Sabrina Alfonsi, the outgoing mini-mayor of the historic center and one of the most voted in the Democratic Party, will probably enter, for whom the proxy could go green. Svetlana Celie can go to the game, while Sapienza teacher Laura Ricci is up for urban planning. Vigorous rumors enter Alessandro Onorato (already in 2016 with Alfio Marchini) who may be entrusted with the delegation to tours. Perhaps in Giovanni Caudo, III outgoing president of the municipality: in his place, in the Roma Futura quota, there are those who refer to the name of his councilor Claudia Pratelli. Again: among the eligible candidates is Eugenio Patane (PD) the current chairman of the Transport Commission in the Lazio region for transport, while for social he envisages Paolo Ciani (Demos, or Catholic world). For the Ecologist Civic Left Area, he would focus on Andrea Caterci or Imma Battaglia, while for the Mayor of the Night the new delegation that could go to Tobia Zevi. The budget, a very delicate delegation, may be assigned to a technician taken by Mef, but the name of Silvia Scozze, a former councilor of Ignazio Marino, is also mentioned. The cascade will also outline the roles in capitoline assembly. The president should lead a coalition that supports Gualtieri (Maurizio Velocchia and Valeria Baglio are at stake for the Democratic Party), but it is not ruled out that the office – in terms of expansion – would go to the few elected on the Calenda list. could. Here, Renzian’s orientation undoubtedly appears to be more cooperative: » Just as we helped Gualtieri in the ballot – Ive outlines Marco Kappa’s Roman coordinator -, we will try to help him with the choices he made in the Campidoglio .».

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