Harry and Meghan want to make peace with Queen Elizabeth

Harry and Meghan want to make peace with Queen Elizabeth

Following a departure from England and royal duties, interviews with Oprah Winfrey and accusations of racism against the royal family, the demolition of Carlo’s parenting role followed … in short, the largest family at Windsor House and Since the dynastic fracture at the time of Edward VIII, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are attempting an unexpected turnaround that aims to win back Grandmother Elizabeth’s affections.

The first contact dates back to the days after 15 August, when the Duke of Sussex’s staff in Montecito, California, began testing the waters with Her Majesty’s Private Secretariat. work schedule? For family reasons arrange a meeting with the Queen, who soon took on a name and surname: Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

Yes, Harry and Meghan want to return to old (and abused) England to present their eleventh descendant to great-grandmothers, which, with a pimp touch highlighted by all the commentators, the parents decided to call out with less familiarity. With the name of the emperor, as well as the unforgettable “People’s Princess”, Diana.

The gray eminent circle that naturally makes up the royal household has told British tabloids that they had learned of the request with “disappointment”, noting that “concerns” had arisen. Because of the “ungrateful” couple the past year and a half.

The sovereign was given the latest low blow by the updated edition of Finding Freedom, a Sussex biography edited by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, released on 31 August, in which the frustration with Harry and Meghan’s reaction to Elizabeth reveals, Rhea, the author writes. that they reacted sharply to allegations made by the couple about racist comments made by a family member about Archie’s skin.

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After the interview with Oprah the excerpt of the statement, “Memories can be different”, was considered very different, displaced. Harry and Meghan denied the assessment, who specified, through their lawyers, “that they did not participate in the writing of the book”, but the fact that the content has not been denied speaks volumes.

In addition to the editorial background, the Duke’s concerned staff and His Majesty must now evaluate what might be the best opportunity for the meeting. Harry and Meghan are taking twenty weeks of parental leave, the same guaranteed for employees of Archwell, the charity foundation they founded, which should expire in the second half of October.

This final moment of break from public commitments – which Harry “violated” by participating in a charity polo competition with friend and champion Nacho Figueres, and Meghan launching a 40×40 campaign in support of women who have lost their jobs was lost. Epidemics – This can be used on a visit to Balmoral, the Scottish castle where Elizabeth stays every summer until the first week of October.

Acts of kindness after the couple declined the Queen’s invitation to the Highlands in 2019. But more likely the site of the reunion will be another manor of Windsor, which Elizabeth has chosen as her residence since the pandemic broke out. Also, of no small importance, Lilibet has not yet been baptized. At first the Sussex crew leaked their intention to hold a very private ceremony at Montecito’s California villa.

But today the idea prevails that Harry and Meghan do not want to differentiate between the two children. Archie had a traditional ceremony, complete with a lace dress (a replica of one commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1841), which was handed out to the family’s children, wrapped in palace magic dating back to William the Conqueror. Which gives the name of the dynasty of which it is part. The same should be the case for Lillibet, who has already achieved a record that separates her not only from her brother but from the entire royal lineage.

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The little girl is actually the first descendant of Elizabeth’s father, George VI, to be born outside British borders. In short, a baptism in the palace would bring Lilibet closer to tradition and to the hearts of the subjects. Her parents, despite the strict privacy policy in which their California residency is embedded, may have allowed a trusted photographer like Chris Jackson to film the face of a little girl the public hasn’t seen yet.

A gesture of relaxation towards the British, according to a recent poll by YouGov, Harry and Meghan have been voted the least popular royals, a step up from the unprepared Andrew of York. The baptism then involves the guests. Senior members of the royal family cannot be singled out, even though Charles and William have no relationship with Harry. Once again Kate will be lead by the diplomat in her most difficult test: trying to reconcile the Sussexes on British soil. If she succeeds, she will reach a record ahead of the first bourgeois queen of England.

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