Hazel McCallion Runs Canada’s Largest Airport at 101 Years Old

Hazel McCallion Runs Canada's Largest Airport at 101 Years Old

At the ripe old age of 101, female Hazel McCallion accepts an offer to expand her role as director of Toronto Airport: “overseeing and operating Canada’s largest airport”.,

Hazel is a force of nature, her looks should not be deceiving, apparently she may look like a skinny old lady but in reality she is five feet They ooze strength and determination so much that they have earned the nickname “Hurricane” and are considered one of the symbols of modern Canada. A school, a library and a baseball team are named after him.

Born in 1921 in Port Daniels, Quebec, McCallion is the youngest of five children. He spent his high school years studying in Montreal and Quebec City Credits her mother, a nurse, for instilling confidence to face the world, He later graduated from secretarial school, got a job as an executive in an engineering firm’s office in Montreal, and played professional hockey, earning C$5 per game, a figure that is about C$100 today. is worth.

The engineering firm took her to Toronto, where she developed a keen interest in local politics around the age of 50. Hazel held various municipal roles before running for mayor of Mississauga in 1978. When she was elected her office was caring for cows, but 36 years later, when she left office at the age of 93, the farm was replaced by entire apartment buildings, a university campus, a transit hub and shopping malls. Had taken Today it is the seventh largest city in Canada.

She stepped down with her political instincts in 2014: She backed the winners of Ontario’s two previous provincial elections, as well as Justin Trudeau before his run for prime minister in 2015.

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In an interview in the living room of her home in Mississauga, just days after her 101st birthday celebration, Ms. McCallion was very abrupt in dismissing any questions about sexism. “I had very strong male support because I am independent,” she said. “And they know I’m not a wallflower.”

,He played a very important role in the politics of Ontario. She was very, very practical and it was part of her political recipe“said Tom Urbaniac, a professor of political science at the University of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia and author of a book on the spread of Mississauga while Ms McCallion was in office.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford described McCallion as “Canadian Emblem” And on the occasion of her 100th birthday celebrations last year, she said: “I love her, she’s a mentor and she’s taught me a lot and she’s always there for everyone”.

When asked what her secret was during an interview with the Canadian magazine “Confidence Bound”, Hurricane Hazel replied bluntly that faith and cleanliness are what energizes her:

“Housework and gardening are great forms of exercise and stay humble.”


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