He doesn’t go to work to watch sports

He doesn't go to work to watch sports

Rangers fan fired on excuse for absent from work. Thomas Michael unfortunate supporter who has to participate Scottish Cup Final At Hampden Park, played on May 21, he found an excuse not to go to work: he told the manager of his office that he was still in Seville.

Rangers Glasgow fan fired for lying to his office to watch Scottish doubles final

The young man explained to his superior that he was unable to return to Glasgow on time Europa League Final between Rangers Glasgow and Eintrachta (The game was then won by the Germans 2–0). The truth, however, was another: Thomas was already in Great Britain as he wanted to take part in the decisive challenge for the national trophy against the Hearts. Lies, as is often the case, have short legs and incidentally Thomas Michael was exposed. Filming by the troupe of the television broadcaster of BBC they have immortalized it in some Images that were broadcast live, It was also his master who saw them fired without delay,

one in Tweet Michael Said He Was Amazed Regarding notice of immediate dismissal.

“I can’t believe my contracts were terminated because I said at work that I was still in Seville to go to the Scottish Cup final … then I was caught on TV and that’s it for me. “

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