He Heals from Covid, a Touching Letter of Thanks to Health Professionals

He Heals from Covid, a Touching Letter of Thanks to Health Professionals

He Heals from Covid, a Touching Letter of Thanks to Health Professionals

Thanks 158 times! I love to start this letter as such, with a number I will never forget. A number that symbolizes a period of sadness, hardship, sadness for me and my entire family, but today we can remember with a smile after passing the toughest test of our whole life.

158 are the days of hospitalization in the Santa Maria di Terni hospital, after that, due to Complications arising out of covid 19, I was admitted to the hospital February 15, 2021.

From that day on, the situation worsened until I was transferred to intensive care on March 8, where I remained in a medically induced coma for almost a month. A period of ignorance in which I found myself fighting the darkest demonAlways with my thoughts my children, my grandchildren and all the loved ones I know pray for me every day. But as soon as I felt the light going out, I realized that the time had not come.

The slight but steady improvement allowed me to recover from the most acute and critical phase of the infection and regain consciousness in mid-April. From that moment on, the recovery process continued, in spite of the great daily odds, But again to talk to your kids and grandchildren And being able to see him on a video call gave me the strength to continue the struggle until I was discharged from intensive care on May 25 and the resulting rehabilitation period began.

Awareness of what happened and physical and psychological weakness was another obstacle to overcome. difficulty in performing Most common daily actions seriously test stability and mental stability It is necessary to continue the long rehabilitation process.

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I have been home now since July 23, and the feeling I felt hugging my loved ones 158 days later was indescribable. And then thank you to all the operators of the Department of Covid 2, Department of Pulmonology, Department of TYPE Intensive Care (Primary). Dr. Ferlik and all other operators, with special reference to Nurse Lucia Speranza, an exceptional example of love and sweetness) and the UGCA Department of Neurorehabilitation (Primary) Dr. Massey and his team and especially i Physiotherapists Filippo and Samantha)

Thank you to everyone you met during this horrific experience throughout the hospital in Santa Maria di Terni. If I am here today to tell my story it is above all, thank you. But also thanks to my children, my grandchildren and all those who made me feel close to me Even with just a thought or a prayer.

  • Lastly, I want to make recommendations for everyone who will read my story.

Let’s not let our guard down. Each of us can do our part to stop the spread of the virus by using the right tools And above all thank you for the vaccination. Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones, for everyone around us. This is a duty we cannot miss.

Graziana Giulietti


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