He was Queen’s support: Prince Philip is dead

He was Queen's support: Prince Philip is dead

LondonPrince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was the oldest prince in British history and the oldest male member of the royal family. Since November 1947, over seven decades, she had married Queen Elizabeth II. He played an important role in the modernization of the royal family, a part that is often underestimated by all. It was Philip who significantly helped to adapt the old and old rituals of the present and thus established the monarchy as a more accessible institution.

Philip had an intellectual interest in theology and poetry, which, in a very English way, he concealed in a hoarse manner. Ironically, the media can be very intimidating and famous for controversial statements. Often his jokes were just attempts to loosen up the situation and interact with restful or shy people. For example, during a visit to China, he told English exchange students: “If you stay here too long, you’ll get peeked.” How long do they pass the driving test? “

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