Her Majesty’s Intelligence Against Scotland

Her Majesty's Intelligence Against Scotland

Laura Canali Charter – 2021

Concerned about possible secession, 007 threatens to secede Scottish territory, discrediting the SNP and its leaders. The case of the manipulated separatists and the maneuvers of the Russians and Chinese. What if MI6 takes care of Edinburgh?

1. ,TookThat Mi5’s Scottish station will be assigned to MI6. And you know what MI6 does ». Joke gives title to one of the few intelligence studies related to Scottish independence 1, Comedy Made in WhitehallWhich hides the separatists’ concern for suffering the “dirty trick” of Her Majesty 007 2, In fact, it is likely that it was circulated on purpose”Eater Les Esprits D’EcosayDe Gaulle would have said. Remembering the ghosts (we are in Scotland) of plots against the heirs of the ancient Celtic peoples at the hands of deep state attached to the crown.

Ghosts also agitated by the propaganda of the enemy powers of the United KingdomLike Russia and even Iran. In the game of mirrors in which it is difficult to separate light from shadow, truth from possible or false.

It’s better to start with Scotland’s last path in tackling this maze Can manage independent security and intelligence. An intelligence that will inevitably have to cooperate with counterparts in the United Kingdom, especially at an early stage.


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