Hertha BSC in the 2021/22 season: the old lawn at the Olympic Stadium is out – live blog – SPORTS

Hertha BSC in the 2021/22 season: the old lawn at the Olympic Stadium is out - live blog - SPORTS

There are still six yards of room large brown spots To see. It’s also a bit spotty around the penalty spot. This is certainly not the picture Hertha BSC fans are expecting when they click on the webcam on the Olympic Stadium website. In such a situation, there has been some stir on social media. Is there probably no new lawn in Hertha’s home turf? And with the announced relocation it won’t be a bit smaller until The next match will be in the Bundesliga against FC Augsburg on Saturday afternoon,

The excitement is unfounded. The webcam on the website does not show any current images, but rather an archive picture of the Olympic Stadium, so to speak. In reality things are very different out there at the moment. According to the operating company, the work is going on as per the plan. The lines will be drawn on Friday and on Saturday it will be possible to play on the new surface for the first time.

The old lawn has now been peeled, the new one comes from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and will be laid from this Wednesday. With all trimmings, it cost the company 130,000 euros to operate. This is the second time this year that the Olympic Stadium is getting a new lawn. This was the case as recently as early March.

Because Hertha’s local rival Play your European Cup at the Union Berlin Olympic Stadium Discharge, up-soil has been badly affected. The defeat against Feyenoord Rotterdam was favored by, among other things, a mistake. And Hertha coach Pal Dardai also complained after the 1-1 draw against Leverkusen, the last game on the old track: “It was difficult for both teams to play on this pitch.” It all ended on Saturday.

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