History of Italy-England, cultural and sporting interactions

History of Italy-England, cultural and sporting interactions

From Glasgow’s Hamilton Crescent to Wembley, United Kingdom of Football and its migration to Italy. Politics, History and Sports in an Oscar-Worthy Script

“God Save the Queen” (text and meaning) But not England, at least for this week. A finale that compares the pages of the stories to the present: Monarchy (parliamentary) against the republic, rain against the sun. Of course they have something in common, like fog and booze, but above all a passion for football. Italy made its debut with a white jersey, the current colors of our rivals., in 1910, in honor of Pro Vercelli (the strongest team of the time) and then proceedSavoy Blue. Chosen to pay tribute to a monarchy, the one that no longer exists in our country but rules in England. Not a sad conspiracy.

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When football came to boot, in England he was already old and began to entertain people and owners. From 1870 to the beginning of the nineteenth century, the ball had two owners: one Englishman, the other Scottish. l’Hamilton Crescent Hosted the first match between the Nationals, a region that is steeped in history and where cricket is now played and it is certainly not admired in Italy. From the Glasgow Rib to the World Cup and European Championships, a lot of history has been written amid the wars and diplomatic conflicts that have tainted the sport even for a stage of life.

Sentimentality is the straight line that brings English tea to Italy and Carbonara to the home of the Three Lions. An unconditional love for football, a passion that makes fans “sick” and this time it’s a compliment. There is nothing stronger than football, in both countries, a symbol of our mood and a symbol of the pendulum. and can only be played in the final wembleyYes, a point in favor of Ken and his teammates, but the perfect time machine to re-live the past, present and future under the arc that surrounds them.

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It’s strange to think that Queen Elizabeth gave her country the Rimet Cup in 1966 and it still is, watching everyone on the throne from top to bottom. The script in Italy is very different, with seats heated and cleaned, even many, often without consequence, especially from the 2000s. We thank the British and Scots for sharing the game, which was then reformed and dominated. From Italy and other countries, it is expected that they will not take revenge. The Italians’ song (text and meaning) echoed in their walls, hoping to “make 68 again”..

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