Hyundai IONIQ 5, Robotaxi Edition Trials Already Started

Hyundai IONIQ 5, Robotaxi Edition Trials Already Started

at the end of August, Hyundai had unveiled its IONIQ 5 made in collaboration with motion Which will be used as part of the Robotaxi service in some US cities from 2023, thanks to an agreement with Lyft. car that we were also able to see up close During the 2021 Munich Motor Show Where the Korean manufacturer has announced a slew of innovations including a desire to become carbon neutral by 2045.

As it turns out, Hyundai and Motion are wasting no time. In fact, a CarScoops reader intercepted a prototype of this particular car during some tests at the Las Vegas airport. The IONIQ 5 appears to be disguised as “robotaxi”, but is easily recognizable thanks to the many sensors the future has to offer. Level 4 Autonomous Driving (Here we explain the different levels of autonomous driving). Between the cameras, radar and LiDAR, the car will have more than 30 sensors, many of which can be clearly seen in different parts of the body.

The pictures also showed a man driving a car. When the development is complete, the cars will no longer have drivers. However, in case of problems, they can be managed remotely by an operator. Always in terms of safety, the car will have redundant systems. By 2023, however, there is still a long way to go and therefore Hyundai and Motion have plenty of time to develop the car for passenger transport service in the best possible way.

so much technology

The base, of course, is that of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 which we have already had the opportunity to try out and with which we also went to the Munich Motor Show. In addition to the presence of sensors and autonomous driving platform Developed by Motion, the changes also affected the interior of the car.

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The presence of the passenger compartment will be characterized by a series of interfaces which would allow passengers to interact with the vehicle during the journey, perhaps to change the destination of arrival. Hopefully, the project includes expanding the service to several US cities.

Finally, it should be remembered that Motional is a joint venture created by the Korean manufacturer with Aptiv, which aims to develop self-driving cars.

[Foto spia: Aditya Gaur, via Car Scops]



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