“I am dishonest because I have strong enemies”

unpredictable and optimistic

so it was defined

Umberto Bossi

in 1995. interviewed by

lorella cookerini

To “

have a nice Sunday

“founder of


He said of himself: “

I am dishonest because I have very strong enemies

And so I have to try to be unpredictable. I don’t know what it means bloody, but if it means I believe it then yes. In politics I accept that there is energy, trust in us and therefore I can also accept to be defined as serious”, he admitted.

The league’s founder then recalled his first encounter with politics and acknowledged its casual character. ,

In January 1979 I met a Union Waldoten politician

Who casually bowed to me. At the time I was working in a surgical pathology laboratory in Pavia and what followed was a manifesto on federalism. I stopped reading it – explained Bossi – and right there was the author of that manifesto”.

In the past, the league’s founder has also stated that he is inspired by the protagonist of


film directed and starring

Mel Gibson

, “Braveheart underscores the struggle for the independence of Scotland, something that surprisingly does not return to cinema today, because today is the moment in which nation states, as we have inherited, are no longer capable of various things “, he explained

channel 5


Today after 35 years Umberto Bossi left Parliament. Elected to the Senate for the first time in 1987, the League’s founding heirs were first on the proportional list for the Chamber, however, Carrocchio received no seats. Matteo Salvini said he was ready to fulfill the “senator” candidacy as senator for life.

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