“I’m absent, but not because I’m on vacation”

We receive and gladly publish this request for improvement sent to us by City Councilor and former councilor Serena Mammini:

Dear Gazette of Lucca,

They tell me that, by mistake, the article at the bottom read “Two are missing Both the centre-left advisors are on leave.”

It would be advisable to inquire before writing the inaccuracy.

Firstly because I am not on leave but staying at home for many days due to health issue. Second, because I would never have planned the holidays immediately after the election, which I had attended with some personal success, knowing that in those days, in case of victory or defeat, the first city council meeting was still Will be

Third, I was very sorry for not being there last night.

Respect for institutions and citizens still exists and the undersigned seeks to continue its practice. A general and superficial reading: “Absent for Vacation” reflects not only the truth, but neither is my understanding of politics and institutions.


Dear Serena Mummy,

You are absolutely right and this time only my fault is that, last night, while talking to your group leader, I realized that both the directors were absent on leave. In fact, they tell me, you are at home with covid and I want you to prepare for negativity while your coli is in Scotland yes, but for study leave with students and, therefore, for work . I apologize, as you may have noticed, we did not speculate on the absence and precisely because we were writing this in complete good faith without any negative connotations.

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