In 5 years the municipality of Rome collected only 34% of the tax on waste

In 5 years the municipality of Rome collected only 34% of the tax on waste

Over the past 5 years, Capital has collected only 34% tax on waste from citizens. And he was able to recover only 20% of the fine issued. The data was provided during the presentation of the 2021 report, the last session of the city council by Capitoline councilor Sylvia Skócz for the budget.

“The distinction between established and collected fines is an endemic problem,” explained the councillor. “As far as TARI is concerned, it is worth 1.6 billion in provisions and 1.6 billion in fixed and latent active residues. We have to envision a system that will move towards an immediate response considering these resources are available. Carry it.”

However, the owners of the Capitoline accounts also wanted to point out, “It’s not that the Romans don’t want to pay”, in response to some of the objections raised by the opposition. Rather, “we have to change the collection system. Often the bill doesn’t come.” In short, according to Capital’s own admission, “it is not a question of arrears but of our delay”.

“There are some elements that indicate a situation to change quickly and elements of suffering,” explains Skoczez during the presentation of the report. “The first concern is the income situation. We have a bunch of active residuals which is equivalent to 9.5 billion”. For committed and unspent resources, “the total amount is 2.8 billion. 5.6 billion is the total provision. These are resources available but which we cannot use and this is a problem that has to be solved. C’ this one There is a provision for disputes equal to 207 million and provision of various types of potential debts equal to 366 million”.

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