In 5 years, the municipality of Rome has collected only 34% of the waste tax

In 5 years the municipality of Rome collected only 34% of the tax on waste

In the last 5 years, the Capital has collected only 34% waste tax from the citizens. And he managed to collect only 20% of the fine issued. The data was provided during the last session of the city council by Capitoline councilor Silvia Scozzi during the presentation of the 2021 report document to the budget.

“The gap between fines established and collected is an endemic problem” explained the commissioner. “As far as Tari is concerned, it is 1.6 billion in provisions and 1.6 billion in verified and unspent residual assets. We must envision a system that leads to an immediate response considering these resources are available “.

But, the owner of the Capitoline accounts, in response to some comments made by the opposition, would like to point out, “It is not that the Romans do not want to pay”. Rather, “We have to change the collection system. Often the bill doesn’t come at all”. In short, by Capitol’s own admission, “it is not a question of dues but of our delay”.

During the presentation of the report, Scozzi explains, “Some of the indicative elements of the situation are quickly reversible and there are elements of suffering.” “The first concern is the revenue situation. We have a bunch of active residuals which amount to 9.5 billion”. With regard to resources committed and not spent, “the total amount is 2.8 billion. 5.6 billion is the total provision. These resources are available but which we cannot use and this is a problem that has to be solved. C’ of disputes There is a provision for .207 million equal to and a provision for potential loans of various types equal to 366 million”.

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