In an English port city, the new confrontation between right and left is clearly visible

In an English port city, the new confrontation between right and left is clearly visible

Hartlepul will have a by-election, and history has it that such a vote rewards the opposition: according to labor regulations at the moment, it has been honest since the 1970s (it was Peter Mandelson’s seat; New Labor Blairiano), but this Beach city has been included in the list of ten poorest cities in the country, has the highest unemployment rate and in 2019 the Tories came in second place with three thousand votes.

In the United Kingdom, Election Day is on 6 May: you vote for municipal councils, for mayors, for the Scottish Parliament, and for other offices. Some of the controversies are clear: for example, the current mayor in London, Sadiq Khan, is so confident of victory that he is not even raised to campaign. Other controversies are headaches: If the Scottish National Party takes an absolute majority in Scotland, the separatist project will remain with us for a long time (and it is a travel companion that hurts). In most cases, the anticipated electoral challenges are a test of how far Boris Johnson’s blue revolution has actually moved forward and how strong the Labor leadership of Keir Starr strengthens the opposition. To understand this, you have to venture into the region of the Kingdom, at least in the center of the country and which is the thermometer of British politics: it is the “wall”, which became in 2019, a night spot, red to blue Of. This is where the ideology and expectations of the British are concentrated, from Brexit to the vaccination campaign, resulting in economic and social fractures.

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