Incredible in Scotland-Armenia: Hovhannisyan throws water bottle at the linesman

Absurd episode in Scotland-Armenia: Not furious for an offside whistle, Hovhannisyan throws a bottle at the linesman.

Opposing a decision by the referee is something that often happens during matches, but on occasion Scotland-Armenia a player, Armaan HovnisyanOne has gone far beyond what is legitimate to do on the field of play and beyond.

The two teams had a face-off in the B League of K Group 1 match on Wednesday evening. League of Nations in Glasgow, and the race was essentially without history.

Indeed, Scotland took the lead in the 28th minute thanks to a goal ralstonthen doubled in the 40th minute McKennaClosing or nearly stopping the victory speech.

just before the end of the first part of the game, the same McKennaA defender playing for Nottingham Forest has also found his way to the net for the third time, but his position immediately looked very suspicious.

players ofArmenia So he began to protest, demanding an offside, but the Austrian referee gishamerNot revealing any irregularities, he headed for the center of the field, confirming 3-0.

There were men in the VAR to help them correct the decision, who could see how the action was flawed from an irregular position, but before the goal was canceled out, the Armenian defender. Hovhannisyan He went to the goal defended by his goalkeeper, took a bottle of water and threw it hard at the lineman (without hitting him) guilty of not raising the flag.

As said, the goal was rescinded, but what is unbelievable is that Hovhannisyan has not been sanctioned for his behavior. In fact, he remained on the pitch before being replaced by Voskayan at the start of the second half.

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An episode that apparently caused discussion and which did not go down well with the Scottish players. James McFaddenAt the end of the match, speaking to Premier Sports, he hid his frustration not with the behavior of the opponent, but with the behavior of the referee’s team.

“Pick up a bottle and even throw it at a referee and get away with it. It’s something incredible. We have VARs and cameras everywhere, they should have noticed.”

It remains to be seen whether Hovhannisyan Measures will be taken which will obviously force them to miss the next Armenia matches.


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