IPhone 12 vs iPhone 11: The main difference according to the rumor mill

IPhone 12 vs iPhone 11: The main difference according to the rumor mill

We don’t know yet how the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 will match the iPhone 12.

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Apple is expected to unveil IPhone 12 On it 13 Oct Qt (Tomorrow), and ship new phones at some point In October or even November. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading since last year IPhone 11 On the iPhone 12, you may be wondering: what exactly will make the difference?

We won’t know for sure until the new phone is unveiled on Tuesday. But we’ve gathered a lot of potential rumors to see how the iPhone 12 will probably stack up against the iPhone 11. You can also decide If you should buy a new iPhone now or wait, And The best way to sell or trade your old iPhone.

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The biggest difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 is probably the specs. This is what we expect from the iPhone 12.

Four iPhone 12 models

It is possible that we will see Four iPhone 12s Launched on Tuesday: iPhone 12 Mini (5.4 inches), iPhone 12 and 12 Pro (6.1-inch), and iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch). For comparison, there are only three iPhone 11s: the iPhone 11 (6.1-inch), the IPhone 11 Pro (5.8-inches) and IPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5-inch).

Fresh rate hike

There is speculation that the display of the iPhone 12 It will have a refresh rate of 120 Hz And Promotion display, Which you can currently find IPad Pro. Most phones (including the iPhone 11) refresh at 60 frames per second or 60 Hz, but some, like Galaxy S20 And OnePlus 8 Pro, Refresh at 120 Hz. When scrolling through apps and websites, the faster the refresh rate, the faster and easier the phone feels.

Better camera

Just like the new iPhones in general, you can expect the iPhone 12’s camera to be upgraded. The iPhone 11 has a photo night mode and one Ultravide angle camera It can add extra detail to a photo with a great video detail. There have been rumors that the iPhone 12 could add Flight Camera Time, Like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, to help you get depth information. This can do a lot of things like help in AR mapping, but it can also mean that you will eventually get the ability to get portrait mode in video.

Add 5g

The iPhone 12 has the biggest new features expected Next Pay Generation 5G Cellular Connectivity. Apple Pal’s event invitation starts with “Hi, Speed”, leading us to believe that the new phone will finally arrive 5g Connectivity, like virtually all new Android phones are coming to the US. This means that the phone will be able to tap into high speed wireless networks while running – which seems like Slightly less provocative during an epidemic, Because we spend more time at home, but the rise of 5G will make your device future-proof.

Many people think so, though the iPhone 11 does not offer 5G connectivity Believe it does.

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When the iPhone 12 arrives, the 5G will finally be placed …



The base model of the 2019 iPhone 11 is priced at 9699, which is 50 less than the 2018 iPhone XR. It is possible that this trend of lower prices will continue: A tech analyst The iPhone 12 Base Model (Mini) will be priced at Rs 9,649, the iPhone 12 Pro will be priced at Rs 9,999 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be priced at Rs 1,099. So far this is all we know about the price of the iPhone 12.

To learn more about the iPhone 12 and what we expect C.N.E.T. Rumors of an iPhone 12 have spread. You can also check our IPhone 11 Review And all its features.

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