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Dear Severgini Unfortunately, neither the Italians nor the European Union have yet understood this. Northern Ireland is not a divided geographical body from Great Britain, but a united one. Yesterday in Rome, before the handshake between leader Mario Draghi and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Italian speaker announced the accession of the British leader as follows: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If you do not accept the fact that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, the problems between the British and the European Union will never end. I don’t think there is a single journalist who understands the Irish political situation in relation to Britain: or are they pretending not to understand? We need some clarification on the matter, the Irish situation requires it, and for the time being. Why doesn’t Severgini do this?

Emma Keller, [email protected]

I try So: Northern Ireland, today certainly part of the United Kingdom. But demography, history, geography have long pushed towards the unification of the island. Brexit just accelerated the process. I had no doubt that this happened. In early 2018, when I was editor of “7 Corriere”, I asked a good colleague to travel across the – almost virtual – border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. read today, what report It looks like a prediction.

The introduction of a hard border between the two Irish is chronological and alarming. The Irish, by and large, want to stay in the EU, and I believe they will sooner than we think. For London, I believe, it will be one less problem. Boris Johnson’s government thinks of Wales and Scotland, which are also restless (understandable). Ah, Brexit, what an unfortunate thought!

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