Irvine and St Pauly: Love at First Sight

Irvine and St Pauly: Love at First Sight

The change happened at the time of transfer stage. An Australian will pose for the first time in the history of FC St Pauli when team photos are taken on Colostress on Thursday. Jackson Irwin has been there since Monday and although everything is still fresh, it seems there is something serious about him and St Pauly’s and a long wait to be determined.

Michelle Langerk knows: “They’ll love you.” The former BVB goalkeeper was one of several Australian internationals who congratulated Irvine on his move. “Quite honestly,” says Langerk, “if I had to choose a club for you—it would be St. Pauli.”

St. Paulis Neuer Irvine takes care of its tasks

Unsurprisingly, given that the 28-year-old, who was at Millerantor as a youth player for Celtic Glasgow and has played most of England’s second division games for Hull, presents himself – at the net, on the pitch But, in the dressing room.

Whoever Managed Arturo Vidal Also Made AU: Irvine at the 2018 World Cup

“He is acting responsibly,” said Edinburgh sports reporter Ross Pilcher, who has known Irvine from 102 games in the Scottish Premier League. When his former club Hibernian FC wanted to post a picture of Irvine on Australia’s national holiday, the latter intervened. Because the day of the indigenous population is not a day to celebrate, but a day to celebrate the invasion by Europeans.

Irwin would like to talk more about art and politics

Irwin once told the Sydney Morning Herald that he himself tries to be the person you love to be stuck in an elevator with. In the unlikely event that the 33-time national player is with you, topics of conversation are set. Of his life as a footballer, Irvine said, “We don’t talk about politics and the arts as often as we’d like.” Most professionals have different interests.

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Like the taste of music. In 2019 national team colleague Jamie McLaren joked, “When Jaco’s songs come on, we drop them.” Irwin has a wide range of acoustic characteristics, plays guitar, loves live concerts, has Nick Cave as a tattoo on his arm and loves listening to new wave and synth pop. It doesn’t have to be just elevator music.

St. Paul’s Jackson Irwin Is “Tough As Iron Nails”

Andreas Bornmann calls the 1.89-meter lunge a “mindset player”, McLaren says he is thin but “stiff as iron nails”. And reporter Pilcher describes Irwin as a strong-mannered sprinter with an urge to score. “Technically, he may not be the best,” he says, but: “He has a good passing game, is strong in doubles on the ground and in the air.”

Pilcher does not expect any adjustment problems. Especially since Irwin knows St. Pauly. “I know all about the social and political values ​​that the union represents.”

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The new dream couple in football continues to inspire the press even at home. There are always such transfers, wrote the daily newspaper “The Age”: David Beckham to LA Galaxy, Diego Maradona to SSC Napoli, Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid – and now Jackson Irvine to St. Pauli. A story like a football fairy tale. Title: Love at First Sight.


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