It happened today, 25 March. Diva Meena and Artha Franklin’s Birthday

  It happened today, 25 March.  Diva Meena and Artha Franklin's Birthday

Happened today. March 25 is the 84th day of the Gregorian calendar. There are 281 days to go until the end of 2021. Importantly what happened

On 25th march we celebrate Lord’s Announcement In which we remember the proclamation of the Virgin Conception of Jesus by the unconquerable Gabriel to his mother Mary and his father, St. Joseph. We celebrate in italy Wanted – Italian National Day dedicated to Dante Eligieri. Worldwide, International day commemorating slavery victims and the transatlantic slave trade.

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What important events happened on this day?

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1 BC – Traditionally known as Date The concept of jesus

1347 – He was born Saint Catherine of Siena

1436 – Pope Eugene IV consecrated the church Santa maria del fior , In Florence

1522 – Ingo de Recald de Loyola “resigns” as a knight to begin his novice. It will be named later Will find Ignatius and the Jesuits of Loyola

1655 – Discovered TitanSaturn’s largest satellite

1798 – London, Richard Trevithick adds steam locomotives to his trains, thus creating The first vehicle without animal traction

1807 – He arrives Abolished the slave trade In the british empire

1842 – Author was born Antonio Fogazzaro

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1867 – Orchestra conductor was born Arturo Toscanini

1886 – The first issue of the newspaper appears in Genoa. XIX century

1911 – Of fire Triangle factory Of New York, in which 146 workers, mostly women, died

1925 – Scottish Engineer John logy invents baird television

1927 – Politics and Partisanship was born. Tina Anslami

1928 – Astronaut was born Jim love

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It happened today, March 25

1940 – Singer was born Meena

1942 – Singer was born Aretha Franklin

1947 – Singer-songwriter born Elton John

1918 – Music composer dies Cloud-achiele debut

1918 – The Belarus It declares itself independent

1924 – The Greece Declares itself a republic

1965 – Martin Luther King Jr. Leads a civil rights lawyer at the Capitol from Selma in Montgomery, Alabama

1969 – John Lennon and Yoko Ono They start a bed-in, a form of non-violent protest against the war in Vietnam

1996 – The European Union banned the export of British beef Spongiform encephalopathy

2004 – Festival of Olympic torchlight In greece

2005 – Prototype IBM Blue Gene / L Becomes the most powerful computer on the planet

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2011 – Console Launched Nintendo 3ds in Europe

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2012 – Author died Antonio Tabucci

2015 – Zayn Malik left the group In the same direction

2016 – Death of the actor Paolo Poli


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