Italy champion of Europe, direct. The national team of Matarella and Draghi. The blues parade through the streets of Rome in an open bus

  Italy champion of Europe, direct.  The national team of Matarella and Draghi.  The blues parade through the streets of Rome in an open bus

July 12 is not a national holiday, but almost: it is a national holiday. Where people and organizations meet. Around Donnarumma’s big hands – «His save, what a parade!», Draghi’s exclamation – or Spinazola’s crutches waved as if they were a Berrettini’s racquet. In this long mobile festival, between the closed bus and the open bus with the dancing champion and meeting with Mattarella on the Hill and with Draghi in the Palazzo Chigi, one of the heroes of the company is celebrated (“We all became fathers of the Motherland Insigne jokes in Quirinale gardens) even if Wimbledon is not Wembley.

Azzurri bathing in the crowd in an open bus through the streets of Rome

And whatever it is, it’s a palace and country rite of passage, with everyone looking out for everyone and the Azurri wanting physical contact because they know people want it too. But how do you do it given the health regulations? From morning the players expect at least one open bus to be able to run, ready and installed, but the prefecture prefers not to. Then in the middle of Piazza del Quirinale, as the team leaves the presidential palace, Bonucci is seen chatting with police officers. He does not bust the bus to go to Palazzo Chigi, but manages to get to it with Viminale and Prenta’s yes soon after meeting with Draghi. And so, the body of the national team and the body of the nation can stand together without glass and a window to separate them. And it’s full of crowds. Does Draghi, without exaggeration, allow fans to get as close as possible to the athletes around Palazzo Chigi. Otherwise, they would be limited, who knows where.


cup or ball
So crossed over to Rome yesterday evening – double tour to Piazza Venezia, via del Corso, Tritone, Barberini, Veneto, to Pinciano, with arrival at Hotel Parco dei Principe, a post-Triumph camp of the Blue Army – by The coach found that the players leap and dance between the wings of the crowd, singing songs, Mameli’s hymn, on the choir’s notes of “The Englishman Who Doesn’t Jump” and Maradona’s famous song: “Oh mother, mother, mother, what is it? Hai, Corsan kills me, I’ve seen the blues and I’m in love! ». A journey to victory from an ancient city, when the leaders returned from the battlefield and were overwhelmed with tribute and cheers.

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The European Cup looks like a ball bouncing around the capital and everyone wants to touch it. What is the ocean of people, what is the ocean of love. Romans throw flowers to footballers on an open bus in the center streets. They send kisses to them. A girl shouts to Donnarumma: «I love, what should I do!». Insignia rap in Neapolitan. Together with others he sings the adapted menskin hit against the British: “We are out of our minds but different from the theme”. Champions take pictures of people and people take pictures of them: thousands of mobile phones immortalize the carnival of rediscovered power.

The players would have liked a real party as well (in any case they were all night in the swimming pool of the Parco dei Principe hotel between a plunge and an avalanche of water balloons), and it was believed, but Minister Speranza and health officials refrained. Liked. In the gardens of the Quirinale, Matarella prepares a measured and very affectionate party. Mancini and Chiellini give him – they will soon do it with Draghi – the number 10 shirt of the national team with the signatures of all the champions.

He tells them: «I am not a sports commentator, but I tell you that you deserve to win even more than the score you get. You played away from home and took a cold goal that would have brought anyone to their knees. Very good. You have been supported by the affection of the Italians in seven sports and you have repaid them by honoring the sport ». The president thanks everyone, recalling a special mention to David Astori and then to Giggio: “The second saving in the final penalty made millions happy not only in Italy, but also in Italy”. «The President – Captain Chiellini tells him – there has always been, from the very beginning, a magical wind around us and this magic has given us strength. He has increased our skills manifold »

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The great beauty of Rome and the great skill of the national team went to a wedding. The Italian anthem, along with Malago and Gravina, is also sung in the gardens of the Quirinale and in the courtyard of the Palazzo Chigi. Where almost the entire government is in place and the officials of the Presidency of the Council look out of the windows adorned with the tricolor. Draghi is Draghi. Zero rhetoric. Even when he tells players words that will sound like bombshells in others’ mouths: «You shook us, thrilled, rejoiced, hugged. Your sprints, goals, savings and whatnot! And also with shots of Berrettini ». Which is always mixed with the blues. As a Roma player, and as an Italian, Draghi congratulates Spinazola, who fought and suffered and was well deserved (part of the applause for the Giallorosi raider with crutches). “You have made us proud”, the premier urges: “You have put us at the center of Europe”.

There is delirium in Rome, but in both the Quirinale and Palazzo Chigi the vocals are of those who understand the extent of victory without overemphasizing it. Draghi told Azzurri: “What you have made us proud of is being united in these celebrations.” But keep in mind some curtains. When Mattarella is given the blue jersey number 10, Insigne pretends to be annoyed and laughs desperately: “But this is my jersey!”. Or here’s Chiellini trying to never drop the cup. And others must steal from him out of love to take it into their own hands. Chiesa: “Giorgione, but that cup isn’t your wife!” And he: “If you want to sleep with him tonight, you’re wrong: I’ll hug the cup!”

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Which does nothing but walk around Rome, but reflects the beauty of Rome, hoisted on the roof of the open bus. Then at night when we’re still celebrating amongst bottles of bubbles and other well-deserved drinks at the Parco dei Principe Hotel, someone so happily fears the risk that that pretty silver trophy might end up in the pool. is. But this will not be a drama. Also because Italy has shown that it does not know how to drown.

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