Italy – England | Our godparents assured that they taught us everything

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Italy – England, our “godfather” convinced that he taught us everything (Saturday 10 July 2021) They feel like masters from football to politics. But Queen Victoria said ItalyNo and he loved Garibaldi. The French are cousins ​​and the Spaniards are brothers. It’s a love and hate relationship with the Germans…read in the newspaper


anti warrior : The Scottish Independence newspaper The National Cheering on Italy. With “Mansini, you are our last hope”… – Nicola Pororo : Brexit and multi-ethnic teams: Against the rhetoric that awaits us though Italy-England ends. Mine… – aziogregio : Here is the Italy-England referee #ItalyEngland #èluiononèlui – jack_menta :RT @antoguerrera: The Scottish Independence newspaper The National Cheering on Italy. “Mancini, you are our last hope” with Mancini… – albertogandolfi :RT @antoguerrera: The Scottish Independence newspaper The National Cheering on Italy. “Mancini, you are our last hope” with Mancini… –

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Italy – England, Delta is scary: there are no big screens in the square. Mayors slow from Milan to Palermo

If there is no longer a restraint from the mayors, then the pradhan also intervenes. Maxi’s stop – screen in the square for the Europeans final in the middle Italy I England They were no longer numbered from the north to the south, and from the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic. The refrain is always the same: ‘Now it is clear – this is the thesis of dozens of mayors – as long as there is one …

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Break on the big screen for finals and synagogues: the mayor and prefect ordinance move from Milan to Locorotondo after that …

From Milan to Palermo, passing through Rome where the Olympic Stadium will not be opened. More and more local administrators in Italy Prevent setting up of big screen for EnglandItaly The final of the European Football Championship is to be held tomorrow evening. The risk of gatherings is not only theoretical in the context of a modest but steady increase in the affairs of the Crown…

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  2. Italy-England, Mancini: “It will be a good final. Am I crazy? I always believe in positive things” sky sport
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  4. Totti: “The final will be a very strong feeling!” All Mondays at Mattarella with Barrettini Gazzetta dello Sport
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Not for the big screen in the square for Milan, Italy—England. Filters in Duomo and Darsen

Anti-assembly services (which have been going on for months, including these summer evenings) will be strengthened, and especially in Piazza del Duomo. Tomorrow afternoon, next to the balustrades…

Italy-England, the decision came on the big screen at the Olympics in Rome for the final

EURO 2020 – There will be no big screens at the Olimpico in Rome for Sunday’s European Championship final between Italy and England. This order was established in the last meeting of the committee and…

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