Italy Scotland 6 nations in the Olympics. Promo for women under 13 (The Link)

Italia-Scozia 6 Nazioni all'Olimpico

Italy Scotland 6 Nations at Olimpico is not only the most awaited tournament by rugby lovers, it is a day to be together,

scheduled for appointment March 12 and seesItaly play against Scotland on the green lawn of the Olympic Stadium. Inside the Parco del Foro Italico, the distinctive truck street food format will offer fine food to help foster a colorful and festive atmosphere featuring great international rugby. Also this time cooperation between FIR and TTSFood has been approved Up to 50% off on buying tickets,
there is also one
Special rate for women and under 13, whose admission is only €5.00. Will happen, using code promotional food,

To participate Italy Scotland 6 nations in the Olympics Sufficient Click here and buy your tickets! The promo is valid for the first 200 tickets.

There will be plenty of excellent beer and delicious food on offer, from specialty trucks and epcars to special Peroni beer stations distributed throughout the region, as well as enjoying and experiencing a pre and post game together.

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Zalevsky Rome

A stone’s throw from the playground, Express Cuisine will be baked in, along with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan offerings. For a day dedicated to sports and safety, passion for sports and good food, a special day will be established in full compliance with the COVID rules.

All information about Italy’s 6 countries in the Olympics

March 12, 2022 – Italy v Scotland
Olympic Stadium – Rome
Kick off: 3.15 pm
Street Food: 11:00 to 19.00 . As far as
(You must have a match ticket to access the food area)

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