Italy-US agreement between Singolani and Kerry for G20 environment

Italy-US agreement between Singolani and Kerry for G20 environment

The success of COP26 in November depends on the work of the G20 environment, climate and energy of today and tomorrow in Naples. We need to bridge the gap between rich and poor countries: this is the commitment of Rome and Washington

The two-day G20 Ministerial Conference on Environment, Climate and Energy began in Naples today. Discussions will begin on Thursday morning on a day dedicated to the environment, while on Friday the protagonists will be climate and energy, uniting for the first time in the G20, indicating a special focus on the ongoing climate crisis.

Italy, the current president of the G20, and the United States, who accompanies the president Joe Biden has resumed its environmental commitment after four years Donald Trump, are set to increase their financial contributions to help developing countries fight climate change as well as reduce emissions.

that’s what they told financial Times Landlord for two days in Naples, Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Singolani, and the US Presidential Envoy for Climate john kerry. Bridging the gap between the richest and poorest countries is critical in the wake of COP26, a United Nations summit to be held in Glasgow in November, organized by the United Kingdom in partnership with Italy: if it fails, the summit The Scottish is likely to turn in half a flop.

“Something needs to be done” [sui finanziamenti per il clima]Kerry said. “I told President Biden, he totally agrees.” It begins last year with the lack of agreement on $100 billion to be allocated to developing countries. “We need a lot more commitment,” Singolani told the London newspaper. “We need to reopen the discussion, because not everyone agrees on extending support.”

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This commitment made by financial Times This was already announced by both countries on the occasion of Kerry’s visit to Rome, which took place in mid-May. At the end of the meetings with Italian politics, the envoy signed a joint declaration with Minister Singolani and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. luigi di maio In which the United States and Italy reaffirmed their commitment to “work with other countries and with the private sector to help the world adapt to and respond to climate impacts to the most vulnerable realities”, but also “finance “Investment for both the mitigation of adverse impacts and adaptation to climate change” to help increase nutrition and private investment.

But the road is not sloping. In fact, both Italy and the United States have warned that Parliament and Congress approval is necessary to move forward with increasing funding.

However, there is a strong harmony in their favor. This is also demonstrated by the interview given by Carey. republic, in which Biden’s envoy praised Italy for its efforts to back a deal at the summit. He can do this: “Of course your ministers, like Singolani, are doing a great job, they are very capable. i met the premiere [Mario] Draghi And he was very clear with me in describing Italy’s ambitions: not only to guide Cop26 to success but also to show the way to the future,” he declared.

On these pages we have repeatedly highlighted the sentiment between the Biden administration and the Draghi government. Those who are interested can read, to quote only recent articles, Analysis of the Political Scientist. Joseph La Palombara On the occasion of the visit of the US Secretary of State Antony Blink in Italy, interview with Sergio Vento, former Italian Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations or interview with Nathalie Tocci, Director of IAI.

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This is why the appointment of a new US ambassador to Rome appears to be important in this scenario. For Villa Taverna, now led by Charge d’Affaires Thomas Smitha, prices doug hickey, former commissioner of Expo Milano 2015, while Jane HartleyThe former ambassador to France will visit Britain under the Obama administration.

Who knows if Washington doesn’t follow London, which has three ambassadors – in Paris, Berlin and Rome – like the other three G7 capitals (respectively). Mena Rollingshandjob Jill Gaillard I jill morris)

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