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rush to bringEurovision 2023 In United Kingdom It has just started but it already promises to be very hot on the location choice front.

Ale’EBU In fact, he didn’t even have time to say that he had begun talks to hand over the organization of the review to the BBC after Turin rejected the victorious Ukraine. Kalash Orchestra For security reasons, the candidacy race has already begun in the Land of Albion.

It is already believed that BBC Will accept and there really shouldn’t be too much doubt about it. second place of Sam Ryder It has rekindled the ambitions of a country crushed by incomparable artistic choices for twenty years and the desire to be ahead of the competition is indeed great.

In addition, the BBC has historically been one of the “backup” broadcasters (the others are German ARD-NDR and Swedish SVT) should always be ready to answer the call of the EBU in the event of an “emergency”, the competition should also need to move in a shorter time frame and therefore find it difficult that the operation cannot go on.

Here, then, that various British cities have already exposed themselves to, each drawing water to its mill.

England: Not just London

Ironically, the city with the least chance of hosting may be right. London, In the shadow of Big Ben, the competition has been missing since 1977, when it was hosted after the victory at Wembley Convention Center. Brotherhood of man and their “save your kisses for me”.

But Eurovision has already moved to London three times, the last two (1960 and 1963), always replacing other countries: it is true that its large modern arenas have never hosted the event, but the BBC if If he wins, he can keep this card.

There O2 Arena And this OVO Wembley Arena (10,000 seats each) still ready and the mayor Sadiq Khan It is heating up the engines.

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manchester There’s another option that’s talked about a lot: from there connections to voting this year and Manchester AO’s Arena (21,000 locations) is free from May 2 to 31.

liverpoolCity of the Beatles, couldn’t fail to come forward M&S Bank Arena (11,000 seats). and city institutions in the last few hours BirminghamHe started a petition.

The city in the West Midlands was the last to hostEurovision, 1998 at the National Indoor Arena, After the victory of “Love Shines a Light” by Katrina and the Waves And now it wants to try again, taking advantage of the infrastructure that will host the Commonwealth Games next month and its membership in the “sanctuary cities” circuit, an Anglo-Irish network of cities that works to welcome culture. Is

Chancellor Robert Alden writes in this sense:

Birmingham is proud to be one of the UK’s leading sanctuary cities and with thousands of people showing their support for Ukraine, the people of Birmingham will appreciate the opportunity to show solidarity with Ukraine. Guest.

The Brummies have welcomed Ukrainians this year as part of the Homes for Ukrainians program which plans to bring up to 1000 people here and it will be great to see that everyone who gets home now gets a free ticket to Birmingham. This makes a lot of sense as the city is known for hosting large-scale international events and its position as the venue for the Commonwealth Games this year puts Birmingham at the top of the charts.

In this case, the location would be Utility ArenaWith 15,800 seats.

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candidature again Leeds with first direct arena (13,500 seats) E wolverhamptonready to bring eurovision in it Molyneux Park (32,000 seats) which it hosted in recent times England-Italy of Nations League,

Scotland: a political question

Right now though candidate number 1 will appear Glasgow with him OVO Hydro Arena (14,000) which is currently absolutely free during the Eurovision period.

But it has also been implemented in Scottish cities. aberdeen with P&J LiveFrom 15,000.

Eurovision was already in Scotland in 1972, at Usher Hall in Edinburgh, This would not be the first time when the BBC replaced Munich in organizing the competition. But no matter what, bringing Eurovision back to those parts would make a much stronger political sense today.

for the premiere boris johnson – Provided that he is still in office in 2023, judging by the events within his party – it is like playing a risk. Because the main sponsor of Scotland (and Glasgow in particular) is its great rival, Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish Prime Minister and Leader of Scottish National Party,

this is what he’s fighting to get government second referendum to post from United Kingdom After Brexit. And his party also included membership of the European Union and the EBU and participation in Eurovision among key points of the programme, making it a nationalist issue.

Although from his point of view, johnson It could use the opportunity to reaffirm British unity once again.

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Cardiff and Belfast: between tips and politics

In Wales and in‘Northern Ireland Instead Eurovision hasn’t happened yet, even though both home nation They have offered many artists to the United Kingdom (and beyond, in the case of Ulster). Belfast To tell the truth it touched a review in 1994, when, on Ireland’s third consecutive victory, the BBC proposed a abolished RTE to support the organization, with the capital of Ulster as its headquarters, but in the end all Some remained in charge in Dublin.

So candidates from Cardiff and Belfast are very suggestive. Also because the Welsh capital offers none other than Millennium Stadium, or the temple of rugby, 74,000 spectators, Which would guarantee a “big event” on the public front.

Belfast Instead it offers the 11,000-seat SSE Arena and is currently free for the whole of May 2023.

Here too, it would be a choice of political value, given that the most recent elections had seen the victory of san finoIt is the Republican Party that is also the leader on the other side of the island of Ireland and which blows the wind of unification.

The settlement on the borders between Ere and Ulster was one of the points of conflict that slowed it down. Brexit And there are tensions even today, with a growing number of Northern Irish people who wish to rejoin the European Union, even going through separation from London and integration with Dublin if necessary.

In addition, several Northern Irish singers have represented Ireland (the last of which Brooke Last May) Against two suns under the British flag (Ronnie Carroll and Clodagh Rodgers,


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