It’s time for political responsibility

It's time for political responsibility

“A new world is desperately needed”Shout out to the protesters on squares around the world. And this sentence cannot be treated as a mere wake-up call, but as a warning to all heads of state and heads of government, to take greater responsibility and to treat the environmental emergency as a priority .

The moment of truth is drawing near. Soon the planet will know which direction to go: the path of salvation or destruction, in a purely cinematic fantasy that is not so much a fantasy. After a year’s absence due to the pandemic, cop26 and to host it it would be UK with the support ofItaly, at the Scottish Exhibition Center Glasgow. In those days the Scottish city would be in the eyes and headlines of the whole world and would be invaded by more than 40 thousand people, including 100 heads of state and government, who have confirmed their presence, but also journalists, scientists, environmentalists.

But what is Cop 26. This is the 26th edition of the Conference of the Parties, a global summit organized byhim-her-ito and which includes all countries, which pledge to enter into useful agreements to deal with Climate change. Paris’s COP21 in 2015 marked an epoch-making turning point as all states agreed to cooperate to reduce escalation. global temperature below 1.5 degrees by 2030 but this target is yet to be achieved and much work remains to be done. IC for developed countriesWas asked to allocate $100 billion annually to expedite the process of exit from carbon and i. infection in electric vehicles, subtract deforestation and encourage investment in renewable resources.

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The situation in the states that present themselves in Glasgow is different: on the one hand the so-called “Third World” countries, on the other the major polluters such as Chinahandjob Indiahandjob United States of americahandjob Russia I The European Union. In the first group we find i African countries That this year they were not dependent on any sponsor to explain their reasons like the previous police. These are the areas that are suffering the most from the effects of climate change, the severe conditions here madagascar, and who bear the risk of desertification I Flooding. wait for it 100 billion Rich countries promised dollars. Of these, 80 have already arrived but 60 will be refunded with interest, as only a small amount is not repayable. Only three western states paid the dues: Norway, Sweden and Germany, whereasItaly It paid only 1.2 billion as compared to the 4.7 that was agreed.

In the second group, however, we find the industrialized countries. Ale’The European Union It has set itself ambitious objectives like reducing 55% From emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050 but presents itself without real Leadership Idea Brexit and exit Merkel: therefore an important role forItaly which, among the states, appears to be most convincing from a political point of view, with Mario Draghi who will fill the role of co-chair Cop 26’s.

The situation is different with respect to China on which depends carbon And for this reason its objectives are far from the demands of the United Nations. Carbon neutrality is, in fact, expected for 2060These are too long to hope to persuade COP26 to accelerate. Me too’India, which has not communicated its goals for 2030, also sees coal as an important resource. Russia, which is one of the main producers and exporters. Even more India and United States They are among the countries that produce the most gas sera.

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and then a . the problem of the states government in denial Towards an environmental emergency. it is a matterAustralia which has many mines nearby fossil fuel I gas field He was born Brazil From bolsonaro who is producing more carbon di oxide And that calls for being able to cut emissions less, given the presence of green lungs,Amazonia.

one in the last hour news leak revealed that there have been more than 32,000 requests for changes to the report by nations‘IPCC’, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. infantty Saudi Arabia, Japan and Australia He i. told not to consider fossil fuel extremely harmful to the environment and therefore to delay their abandonment over time, while other states, including SwissI disagree with the idea of ​​financing developing countries.

“I political party They are not doing enough,” he declared Greta Thumberg to strike for the climate of Berlin. In fact, what emerges is that each State don’t want to leave loved ones Resource am putting interests of economics in front of future of the planet Without considering that very soon it could all backfire.


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