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LONDON (AP) – Before voting on a Brexit trade deal with the European Union, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to reassure critics of his deal.

“Now it’s up to us to take advantage of the opportunities,” Johnson told the Telegraph. Great changes are imminent for Great Britain in the wake of the final Brexit.

The Prime Minister said, “Freedom is what you make it.” In areas such as animal welfare standards and chemicals or data protection regulations, the country will be independent of Brussels in the future and will have to be used. However, he said the deal – for the financial sector, for example – is not going as far as anyone expected. The treasury chairman Sage Craze announced the beginning of a “new era” in “Sunday Mail”. He wants to invest in the country’s infrastructure and entrepreneurs should be rewarded for their courage.

On Christmas Eve, London and Brussels declared success in negotiations on a joint trade agreement after months of conflict. At the end of the year, the United Kingdom left the EU structure after nearly 40 years of membership. The worst consequences of a divorce are postponed with the deal. Both sides put a 1250-page document online on their website on Boxing Day. The contract aims to regulate trade-related issues, cooperation between police and judiciary, and health insurance for passengers in emergencies.

The British Parliament is due to vote on the Brexit trade agreement on 30 December. The Labor politician said that British opposition leader Keir Starr criticized: the deal was “not the deal the government had promised.” However, he had previously announced that his party would vote for a trade treaty in Parliament – to avoid chaotic no-deal Brexit. A vote in the House of Commons would then be the subject of the form. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and fisheries associations criticized that British negotiators had made very large agreements on the subject of fish.

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There is not enough time left from the European Union to ratify the agreement. Therefore, it should be decided in the next few days that the contract will initially be provisionally in force. 27 EU states will still have to agree to this. EU ambassadors should vote on it in the coming days, with a meeting scheduled for Monday. The Parliament of the European Union should again review the agreement in January.

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