John Osof’s vote on the Georgia Senate runoff election

John Osof's vote on the Georgia Senate runoff election

Georgia Democratic Senate candidate John Osoff is the G.O.P. Looking forward to his rematch against Senator David Perdue. Although Parde won more votes in the November election, under a short half-point of a nice victory over the offoff, the Georgia Democrats think the result could be different in the runoff.

The general election was split: Democrats ended up winning Biden State, but Georgia and Republicans and two Senate races attracted the most votes. The Republicans, running in the second race, drew fewer votes than Senator Kelly Lofler, a leading Democrat, Reverend Raphael Warnock, but she ran in the 20th, and the third highest-voting GOP representative was Doug Collins, who Won. Vote%

In an interview with CBS News on Wednesday, O Sophie admitted that he received fewer votes than Biden while Pradu received more votes than Trump, predicting that a more focused head-to-head race would be different.

“I’ve got more votes than any Georgia Democrat running across the state in the history of this state,” Osof noted, noting that “Georgia has become younger and more diverse every year over the past decade.”

Osof said among the voters the Democrats planned to target “thousands of people qualified to vote because they turned 18 between November and January.” “We continue to build momentum to get a record turnout. We built a record turnout in November; we’ll do it again in January.”

Although voting in the Senate runoff is generally dramatically lower because there is no presidential race on the ballot, the Georgia pair is considered to be different as the two seats will decide who controls the Senate when Mr. Biden takes office. Voters and politicians, including Osof, see the race as a joint ticket with Vernonck.

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“What’s happening in Georgia right now is special, and ten years ago people wouldn’t have believed it – you’re running with a young, Jewish son of an immigrant, guided by Congressman John Lewis, a black preacher who called Dr. King’s text at Ebenezer Church as the standard bearer in these two Senate races to control the running Senate in the country’s most competitive state. ”

Osof always refers to Vernock in his stump speech and highlights the fact that Vernock is the pastor of the church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached. He calls Vernonck “the moral voice for our state and our country.”

“We are running very well together and traveling the state together,” he said. “We rallied with President-elect Biden yesterday. We are rallying in Savannah on Saturday, and will send an extraordinary statement when one of Georgia’s two state senators is elected as senior pastor at Ebenezer Church.”

CBS News has asked all the candidates for interviews. Loffler and Perdue did not respond to our requests.

The report contributes Catherine Weiner and Kelly Johnstone.


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