Johnny Thompson, Queen Elizabeth’s savior who made the web go crazy

Johnny Thompson, Queen Elizabeth's savior who made the web go crazy

The solemn funeral rites of farewell to Queen Elizabeth, who died on 8 September 2022, drew the attention of the people of the Webb to what is now known as “Man in the Kilt”: we’re talking about someone johnny thompson,

The man’s appearance went unnoticed: Thompson’s photos are actually doing the rounds of the web. Army, thanks to its charm, is really tagged as hot bodyguard,

His name is now present on all major social media including TikTok and Twitter, where the military statue is the hero of all kinds of videos, tweets and posts.

but Who is Johnny Thompson? Let’s know some more information Featherman in kiltWhose pictures are making people panic on the internet.

Who is Johnny Thompson: biography and career of the former protector of Queen Elizabeth

Major Jonathan Thompson was born in morphete, in Northumberland, a county in the north-east of England on the border with Scotland. With regard to his exact date of birth, there is no detailed information at the moment. However, we know that man is 39 years old,

Affectionately known as Johnny Thompson, He is part of the Fifth Clapper of the Royal Regiment of Scotland., According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been serving in the British Army since 2006.

He is a graduate of Aberystwyth Universitywhere he studied economics and international politics until 2004.

The 39-year-old is a reliable figure of the British monarchy: as already mentioned, it is almost one of the senior bodyguards of the late Queen Elizabeth,

For this reason, at the funeral of the sovereign, Major was present in Kiltso, and has had the opportunity to be noticed several times with King Charles III. Jonathan was also recently seen in Escorting Prime Minister Liz Truss during a meeting with King on 9 September.

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So the Sundar Sena would continue to part ways with the British royal family. johnny thompson was really King’s Appointed Square,

A kind of personal assistant to the ruler: Major is seen remove the pen from the king’s desk after signing claims that from Carlo.

King Charles III seems to rely heavily on the Queen’s former bodyguard, so much so that he names her as his personal squire after already having him by his side last year.

Thompson really With Charles and current Queen Consort Camilla on a trip to Greece in 2021.

In addition, according to some rumours, Johnny will also have the task of overseeing the security of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, namely Prince Henry and his wife Meghan Markle.

The Personal Life of King Charles III’s Square

As evidenced by the fact that it is very difficult to obtain information about the senior royal guard’s birthday, a part of Major Johnny Thompson’s personal life is shrouded in mystery.

king’s class quite reserved: We know that he currently lives in a country house outside London, Surrey, with wife Caroline, whom he married 12 years earlier,

The woman works in advertising as a marketing manager, and is a few years older than her husband: Mrs. Thompson is actually 44 years old.

The couple has a four-year-old son, Jonathan seems to be a big lover of animals: he’s actually the boss two labrador retrievers,

In addition to dedicating himself to work and family, Major Have a passion for the game. Rugby is practiced in (many) disciplines. A sport in which he certainly manages to excel thanks to the physical idol that nature has bestowed upon him.

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In addition, the army is also a great trekking enthusiast,

Johnny Thompson, video and photos that are on the web

Interest in Major Johnny Thompson, who over the years frequently appeared with Queen Elizabeth as a bodyguard, has grown during the sovereign’s official funeral.

Of the pictures that have influenced the web the most (and that guaranteed Major’s popularity), those in kiltsThe dress worn for the Queen’s funeral.

In fact, the soldier appeared with King Charles III in some scenes where he wears the traditional garb of the Scottish Highlands.

These shots gave visibility to the senior guard, who It has also earned the nickname of “hunk johnny, (aka “Fusto Johnny”), given to him by the British press.

But the search for information about Johnny Thompson on the Web began a few days ago, thanks to a video on tiktok, These are some of the frames depicting Thompson In the act of escorting the British Prime Minister Truss With the king the day after Elizabeth’s disappearance. Pending video found 5.3 million views

According to rumours, even the British court is not indifferent to the charm of the hunk Johnny statue. It is said that Major is called to court “Major Eye Candy”.either Big festival for the eyes.


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