Johnson warns of failure of COP26 climate conference

Johnson warns of failure of COP26 climate conference

The Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, is concerned ahead of the upcoming 31 October climate conference. He fears the plans won’t be enough.

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  • Boris Johnson is concerned about the failure of the October 31 summit.
  • He criticized the countries’ projects as inadequate for climate policy.

A few days before the start of the UN climate conference COP26, host Boris Johnson warned that the meeting would fail.

“I’m very worried because it could go wrong and we won’t get the agreements we need”. The British Prime Minister said this in a question-and-answer session with school children around the world on Monday.

“It’s on the knife edge, it’s pretty tough, but I think it can work.”

Federal states’ projects are not enough

The COP will begin next Sunday in Glasgow, Scotland. It aims to discuss how to limit global warming to as much as 1.5 degrees compared to the pre-industrial era. The target set in Paris in 2015 should also be achieved.

For this, all countries should prepare an action plan. However, many states are still deficient or not going far enough.

People need to do more to avoid plastic

“This summit is going to be very, very difficult,” Johnson said. He expected peer pressure at the meeting in Glasgow. At least two important politicians will be missing in Scotland, along with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. “It is not clear that we are making the progress that we need,” Johnson said.

He criticized that about a dozen corporations are responsible for most of the world’s plastic waste. The Prime Minister called for finding other methods of packaging. Also everyone should do more to avoid plastic.

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