Josh Doig, Scottish baby prodigy in sight of Premier League big names

Josh Doig, Scottish baby prodigy in sight of Premier League big names

In recent years, Scotland continues to produce Left Back more and more internationally.

In the Premier League alone, Liverpool’s Andy Robertson and Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney are considered the two best interpreters in that role in the entire league, while Serie A youngster Aaron Hickey is preparing for a season as a starter with a Bologna shirt. Huh.

Josh Doug’s name will be added to this shortlist in the coming weeks, months or years. The 19-year-old Hibernian full-back has attracted the attention of many clubs since his debut with the Edinburgh club in August 2020.

Like Hickey, Doig Harts grew up at Rivals’ youth academy and took his first football kick across town, before being traded to Hibbs in 2019 and making his first-team debut a year later.

Like Robertson, he was to earn promotion to the first team starting from the lower league, and exactly from Queen’s Park, although unlike the Premier League winner, he was only sure to wear the Hampden Park club jersey on loan until the end of the season. Season 2019/2020.

Before moving to the then-League Two club, he was used as a centre-back, but since this move to the left he has earned a flatter position with the Liverpool footballer.

From that moment on, his rise has accelerated. After his first full season in professional football in 2020–21, he was included in the Scottish Premiership Team of the Year and was named ‘Young Player of the Year’ by Scottish journalists – three in a row by Tierney between 2016. Once an award was won. and 2018.

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After just six months in the first team, his name was already linked to top clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City, while a myriad of other Premier League clubs later noticed his talent.

Doug can also play as a more advanced and central defender, but it is in the role of the left-back that he impressed the most. In fact, it is his defensive characteristics that have mainly attracted attention: No. 3 has proven to be very good at aerial play and serious in contrasts.

His behavior turned everyone around him at Hibernian, including manager Jack Ross, who ousted him during the first few matches in the season following rumors of a possible departure.

“Before the game it was easy for me to say that I had no problem getting him back in the team, but we knew he would be judged by his performance on the pitch. I think everyone saw how focused he was, That was so clear. Despite what has happened last week”Ross explained after a 3–0 win over Ross County in which Doig assisted his second goal in his first home game in front of his fans.

Doug must work on the management of the ball and grow in this regard, even though five assists and a goal is not at all bad for a football player who has the main task of defending and who has yet to make 50 appearances among professionals. has not reached. ,

It needs improvement which will be welcomed by young players, who play without fear and with the energy of those who love football.

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“I think one of Josh’s main strengths is his mindset,” teammate Christian Doige told the Edinburgh Evening News. “Out of the spotlight, he’s a great guy.”

“He works hard and is definitely making gains. He could have been distracted by rumors of a possible transfer, but he did really well. I was impressed.”

And comparing them with Robertson and Tierney? Doug admitted that he was happy to have contact with them.

“I try to see them as much as possible”He told BBC Sport, he admitted that he is a big fan of the pair.

“They are both absolutely growing right now. He represents a role model for Scottish footballers, especially those who play my part.”

“I try to adapt my way of playing on them as much as possible because they are on the right track.”

Hibbs quickly saw Doug as a potential successor to Robertson and Tierney and moved quickly last February to close him on a four-year contract. But sporting director Graeme Mathiee was disappointed with several club offers not meeting the Scottish club’s £5million request.

“If Josh Doug plays in English League One like last season and reaches the National Cup final, teams will be willing to spend a lot more money on him. He plays in Scotland instead.”, he told Wavell. ,These offers are really outrageous.”

I wish some club would come to me and tell me ‘We plan to raise this kid to 50 million valuations. That’s how we intend to work with him and if we reach this goal we’ll give you X or Y for it, and in a given number of years, we think he can reach the highest level.”

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“That would make the conversation a lot easier, because it becomes less conversation and more connection, but right now we think some clubs have been pretty obedient, and it’s even harder for the guy himself.”

“Of course he wants to move to a bigger club like every other youngster, but he’s happy here too.”

However, it is certainly only a matter of time before Premier League club Hibernian’s financial demands are met and Doug is given the opportunity to join the list of Scottish left-backs playing for some of Europe’s biggest clubs. Is.

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