Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool are “different” and “will not behave like Chelsea”.

Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool are

Liverpool have had a quieter summer than their big-time rivals – but Jurgen Klopp says it’s a “different kind of club”.

And he says they will never “act like” Chelsea “He will have to struggle to get his side on the same page as he pointed out to Frank Lampard.

Timo Werner and Kai Hewartz, previously engaged Liverpool, Included in the arrival of big money on Stamford Bridge.

Klopp, meanwhile, has added Costas Simicus to his first-team squad alone for a 11.7 million fee.

But he reiterated his belief that his consistency and spirit could sharpen his side in his Premier League title defense as he insisted they were not like clubs “owned by countries and leaders”.

Jર્ગrgen Klopp says Liverpool are a “diverse club” for Chelsea’s favorites

“We live in a world with a lot of uncertainty at the moment,” Klopp told BBC Five Live.

“For some clubs it seems less important how uncertain the future is: [those] Owned by countries, owned by Aligarh, that’s the truth. We are a different kind of club.

“We reached the Champions League final two years ago, we won it last year, and moving forward the way we are, becoming the club we are, becoming the Premier League champions last season.

Frank Lampard has flooded the case at Stamford Bridge this summer

“We can’t change that overnight and say, ‘Now we want to behave like Chelsea, now we want to behave like them.’

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“Now they are signing a lot of players.

“It may be an advantage of course but it means they have to fit together very quickly, it’s not just a matter of bringing quality.

“You can’t bring in the 11 best players in the world and a week later hopefully they play the best football they’ve ever played.

“It’s about working together on the training ground.

“It simply came to our notice then. We’ve worked with each other for a while, but I know people don’t want to hear that. ”

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