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  kissed by aliens |  Jewish general

What do cutlery and container ships have in common? According to the world’s famous illusion artist and magician Uri Geller, who is celebrating his 75th birthday these days, both follow his telepathic powers. It all seems to work wonders with spoons and forks, and has been doing so for many decades. Because an extremely bright flash of light dropped him in Israel at the age of five, several family dinners at the Geller House were derailed. The soup spoons first twisted in little Uri’s hand, then broke into two pieces.

It is said that at that time the aliens gave him these superpowers. It became a business model 20 years later, thanks to the marketing prowess of American parapsychologist Andrija Puharich, who took Israel under his wing as he supposedly first “de- and then rematerialized” his camera bags. was, which he had forgotten in New York, in short, to Tel Aviv in his hotel room. It must have made a big impact on him.

It is said that the aliens gave him their superpowers at that time.

And not just Puharich. Nearly 13 million spectators were stunned in Germany in January 1974, when the then 27-year-old Israeli hooked up to the ZDF show Drei Times Nine Forks and brought old, discontinued watches back to life.

container ship It is the same with container ships. When “Ever Given” got stuck in the Suez Canal in March of this year and thus blocked one of the most important shipping routes, Geller asked people around the world via Twitter, just as he did every Day focus at 11.11 am and 11.11 pm. On the huge pot stuck.

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“It was an enormous task, but with your spiritual strength and your confidence we all set the ship free together,” he proudly declared when news of the ship’s liberation struck six days later. “Your positive energy helped the ground crew too – they deserve credit too!”

Or perhaps it was more excavations and tugs that could have helped “Ever Given” back down the fairway? Even if – it would have been difficult to check. How can you prove that it wasn’t the telepathic ability of a wizard who did it all? Even this attempt would be foolish, which is why the Gellar method works so wonderfully, and has been around for many years.

European Championship The magician once explained that he was in a helicopter over Wembley Stadium during the 1996 European Championship and that his psychic power ensured that Scottish player Gary McAllister’s penalty kick struck one of his famous spoons in the match between England and Scotland. Kind of “bent”. And the English missed the gate.

And this summer, he is being told the responsibility of Germany’s early exit in the second round of the European Football Championship against England. “I have no doubt that I was responsible for Mueller’s lapse,” he told the Jewish Telegraph. Throughout his long career, Geller also repeatedly intervened in big politics. For example in Great Britain, his adopted home for many years.

The illusion that anti-Semitism can only be stopped by magic is very beautiful.

“I think Corbyn is an outright anti-Semitic,” he said about controversial Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the 2019 parliamentary elections and announced he would use his telepathic skills to stop him. Will be the next prime minister of Britain.

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political That’s what makes him lovable and admirable. Because the illusion that an anti-Semitism like Corbyn can only be stopped by magical powers is so beautiful that you don’t want to let a scientific fact check take it away.

“Ekad-shatime-shalosh”, or “one-two-three”, is counted in Hebrew, as Geller does in his TV show, and the ghost simply disappears—or, as in Corbyn’s case, Give current Prime Minister Boris Johnson a spoon full of positive energy, which is said to have belonged to Golda Meir.

Obviously the trick worked wonders. Johnson remained in office, with Corbin crashing out. As in the case of “Ever Given”, one must first be able to prove that neither of these must be due to Gellar.

Original For Geller, this somewhat unconventional type of intervention is a very personal matter. “Because I’m a Jew and an Israeli,” says the magician, who belongs to Sigmund Freud’s family on his mother’s side.

He has never held back with his core. “Rather the opposite! When I first appeared on German television in the 1970s, I always saw myself as a kind of ambassador for Israel.”

On the maternal side, the magician belongs to the family of Sigmund Freud.

Well, things didn’t look so good for a while in the 1980s. Many times his tricks failed in front of the camera. “I became anorexic, depressed and started having panic attacks,” said the former parachutist with the Israeli armed forces. Then he returned, also in Germany.

museum One can forgive him retrospectively that he used his telepathic skills in an RTL show in 2004 by Günther Jauch to “repair” the watch and DVD player of former Labor Minister and hobby Israeli critic Norbert Blum.

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Over and over again Geller manages to get himself into the game to produce headlines. The same thing happened a few months ago when he claimed that the total failure of Facebook, Instagram and the company, which lasted for hours, was due to inconspicuous creatures who shut down the social network in search of nuclear weapons on Earth.

Of course, very few people take this type of news seriously, but it’s still a pleasure to read because it sounds surprisingly crazy. And somehow Geller has taunted himself, as the museum he recently opened after returning to Israel in 2016 shows. There is much to marvel at, mainly things related to the Master, including a golden egg owned by John Lennon that John Lennon is said to have received from aliens, or a model airplane. , a gift from Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Him.

Cadillac There is also an old Cadillac, decorated with lots of folded cutlery, parked in the museum, with a crystal ball attached to its ceiling that is said to have belonged to Leonardo da Vinci – a Personal gifts too, this time from Salvador Dali, who himself often depicted folded spoons.

“I didn’t believe him, but I took it politely,” Geller said. We don’t believe in him at all, but we’re glad he exists. On December 20, Geller will celebrate his 75th birthday. Maybe some aliens will stop near them on this occasion.


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