Last – 5 star movement may split


party of stars divided

5 star movement will be close to split: This has been a rumor in the past few hours. the author of the division will be accurate Foreign Minister Luigi Di MaioWho can formalize his farewell to the party of stars at any moment and who will most likely take his loyalists with him.

At this point, a crazy and desperate collection of signatures will be in progress. news comes from an agency Adnkronos. OfWhich reports the statement of a source to M5S: “Hot phone, they are trying to investigate all…,,

Numbers and Symbols Question

A representative who followed Di Maio in the split stated that the exact number of members of the new party is not known, explaining that “undecided last hour“. One of the loyalists of the current leader of 5 stars, Giuseppe Conte, is sure that there will be no more than twenty people.

For the Senate, the count is useless: What you really need is a symbol. According to Article 14, in fact, groups are essentially “represent a political party or movement that has presented its candidates in Senate elections with the same sign”.


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