Lazio: The Democratic Party’s training school for a new enabling policy is underway

Lazio: The Democratic Party's training school for a new enabling policy is underway

PD Lazio’s training school begins “for a new informed and competent policy”. The lesson will begin on Monday 31 May and run until 31 July and then resume in the autumn. About 450 people have registered so far. “But we think we will reach more than 500 in a few days among women, men, young and old”, PD Lazio’s secretary, Bruno Astorre, specified during the presentation’s press conference, in which he stated that he ” Was proud “. To start this project, today more than ever it is necessary that “the ruling class be trained politically to face the challenges of the future”. The course is free, aimed at Democratic Party members and non-members. The lessons, lasting approximately one and a half hours, will be conducted electronically on the zoom platform once a week. “The lessons will range from the European Union, regions and municipalities to budgets, from economic development and ecological transition to digitization to communications, and more. But a moment dedicated to civil rights is also planned with Senator Monica Sirine, ”said Astorre, satisfied with the response so far.

“There is no age limit nor is there any goal for a course that aims to be fully open. And this is only the first step. We thought that the first cycle should be addressed to the class that would be for the next administrative Will be formed, but also to give Pnrr a vision that will be very important for the nation’s restart of our region “, said Manuela Benedetti, Provincial Secretary of the Democratic Party of Viterbo, who served on the Local Development and Working Committee at the OECD Conducted the training course in conjunction with Vice President Michelle Dau. “I accepted this position because I believe that politics should start from the bottom up. Politics and capacity must go together again, for this reason it is necessary to give more strong baggage to all those who want to try their hand at the principal administration. This is a challenge we would like to win ”, underlined Dau, who will be one of the teachers along with Salvatore Mura (Professor of History and Contemporary History of Political Institutions at Sasari University); Livio Barnaba (Director of Innovation and Small Business, Progato Europa Specialist); Gherardo Zee (Telecom and ICT Manager, Federmanagar Vice President); Alessandro Vacari (Social Media Manager of the Press Office and Unparallel Services); Alessandro Focaracci (President of the Fastigi Foundation), Sylvia Skózez (Counselor of the Court of Auditors).

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For future challenges, “it is necessary to work in institutions with a new sense of community, with a conscious and competent vision, a new team spirit; the skills of local administrators, officers, activists present in hundreds of regional clubs Enhance “, which is why, it is explained, Lazio’s Democratic Party has decided to promote, organize and run an advanced training course aimed at all but the party’s actors and heroes. A curriculum, “devoid of academic abstraction, easily accessible, with the aim of introducing an organic framework of core areas and providing fundamental tools for a new, more effective, initiative at all levels”.

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