League: ‘Naming a Street After Mary of Modena’

La Lega:

The center-right motion in memory of Maria Beatrice d’Este, Queen of England in the seventeenth century A Modnées is set to name a public space

“There was a Modenese woman Queen of England and the city does not even have a street named in her memory: it is absolutely necessary to remedy it”. Right in the days when English royalty was at the center of the spotlight, Lega Modena council leader Alberto Bossi spoke of the mayor and the entire centre-right proposal ready to be presented to the council. City council: a proposal drawn up by exponents of the local Carrochio, and signed by the brothers of Italy and Forza Italia, to dedicate a public space, whether a street, a square, a monument or a structure, to the figure of Maria. For Beatrice d’Este.
“Very few of Modena know it – explained deputy group leader Giovanni Bertoldi – Maria Beatrice d’Este, daughter of Alfonso IV d’Este, Duke of Modena and Reggio, born on 5 October 1658 in our beloved city, she Queen became consort of England, Scotland and Ireland by marrying King James II Stuart. Unfortunately, the “Mary of Modena” – so it goes down in history – did not reign for long: only from 1685 to 1688, the year in which Her husband was ousted by Protestants because he was Catholic. This period is actually the period of the so-called “Glorious Revolution” in which conflict over religious issues so agitated England that people began to expel the sovereigns who sent them into exile. Who knows how long she would have been queen if only these vices were not there: perhaps everyone in Modena today would know about her”.

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“He was indeed a key figure – Jari Bossi -. An important fact is that in 2007 a committee was formed in Modena to initiate the cause of the canonization of Maria Beatrice d’Este from the authority of the Church. , recognizes all the elements that distinguish holiness in her life. We at Lega Group believe that being the Queen of England from Modena is a very important fact that should be valued as it gives prestige and importance to our wonderful city. For this reason we consider it appropriate to dedicate a public space to it. Furthermore, we see no reason why the centre-left alignment should oppose this proposal, which should have a positive impact on both the image and tourism in Modena And if the council were to pronounce favorably, the proposal would go to my brother Andrea, the councilor for public works, the maintenance and decoration of the city, and the supreme name commission headed by the historic centre. I hope – Bossi concluded – that in this case it would not block the initiative which I am the first signatory. ,

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