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Madison is currently called Caskaskia Aka Acadia Hogan Taconia Vermont. She presents herself as a white seamstress at the threshold of overdue. Innocent Contemporary: Inside the Gangster pretends to be a traditionally desperate woman in search of a groom.

“Helicopters are vulnerable birds.”

She is rich in versatility. In June 1969, Madison Caskaskia, wanted for several crimes in the United States, slipped across the border into Canada. she calls herself Acadia Hogan, presumably, approximates the Gloem Costigan based on the Zydeco icon Academia-bajou Ogan. Madison again rediscovers herself, this time as a sniffing and smoking cook that no pub can ignore. After a robbery in Winnipeg, she embellishes her legend with crocodile leather boots.

Madison does not think further than she can see and is still as careful as living on top of a tree at the bottom of the forest. He has a habit of fear for a long time. She maintains her shape with exercise. As a total outsider of the civilized world, she strikes a fine line between guilt and self-isolation. She hides the archaic program under a mask of extreme imperfection.

Madison is the product of Catholic-Welsh-Scottish-Irish migration. It belongs to all oppressed minorities who have been trimmed to the ideal of a state in the class of English supremacy. Madison’s father is an arrogant man; A criminal bizarre, devoid of responsibility. In his entourage, the family transformed cities, states and names into a pot of soot-black nonsense. Madison’s childhood ended in Massachusetts. His criminal career began in 1958 in California. Since then, the prison is his second home. It serves Madison as an academy.

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In the presence of sixty-nine, all training is completed. In Canada, Madison experiences love as a concrete event for the first time. She hovers over things for a while. Under Krachten, it appears as something special. Madison buys her boyfriend a car, obtains a driving license, and obtains a movie camera.

Madison thinks he is at a crossroads. If she wants to take the path of legitimacy, then that time would be favorable. But then the virgin breaks again with speed. Less than thirty hours later, Madison drove about three thousand kilometers to drive a stolen 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet Fastback in Portland (in the US state) Oregon) to show up.


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