Listen to Milne, Boban: “We Need to Invest to Be Great”

Listen to Milne, Boban:

zvonimir boban live spoken RayRadio1 for his new role as head of footballuefabut also a positive moment Milanhis former team.

“My new role? Football is always the main thing. I live this experience with passion and with the values ​​I’ve always had, like the desire to do good for football. Have done something better than glass buildings We must always remember what real football is, even when it comes to politics.”

What is lacking in bringing Italian football back to the top of Europe?

“We know how important the history of the infrastructure is and how badly they worked in the nursery for years. Later on pirlo There was no longer any great talent in Italy. It takes 10/15 years to change, to come back on top. These years will have to be passed by working hard and working well and trying to build a stadium, which is an urgent problem.”

How long do you remember seeing Milan as strong as you in 1994 and will you be able to win against Zagreb tomorrow?

“It is evident Milan can win against Dinamo Zagreb, in favor of quality Milan Even though Croatians will sell their skin expensive. It won’t be easy and neither will it be for me because they are the two teams in my life. I will go to the stadium. Milan Many things have already been determined, the roles are yet to be reinvented but it will also depend on the ambitions of the company. It depends on how much you want to invest to come back on top. Some things are not of the Champions League, you have to think big otherwise it is difficult to come back on top.”

Will the referee still work given the technology going forward in the future?

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“Refers will always work. The discretion of the referee is what makes the referee the boss of everything. The technology is fine and what we have now is very useful. There are still some people who talk about some big mistakes that happen right now.” There are others too, but it is not intellectually honest”.

There are too many penalties for handball in Europe, why?

“Hand ball is the most complex thing in the world and it will never be completely resolved. With speed it is difficult to understand whether it is a foul or not, we must accept it as a natural imperfection of football. shouldn’t play like a penguin. They just need to be careful.”

Is the title race between Naples and Milan?

“This Naples It seems really mature, they live in an exceptional environment and you can see that they are a more confident team in their own way. He plays exceptional football, he plays very balanced. As far as the game is concerned, he seems ready to go to the bottom. Milan He has great character, even though he doesn’t play that well Naples, However, in the straight match, Rossoneri performed better. I say that Inter can also return and if Lukaku As it happened two years ago, anything can happen.”

And Lazio?

“More Surrey She is in a team and the better she plays the team. I am very happy because it is good for all to see one Lazio this is a Surrey Like this. I don’t think they will be able to fight till the end for Scudetto but they will be dangerous for everyone.”

Is it not a contradiction for FIFA to exclude Russia and Iran from the World Cup?

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“It’s a question that must be asked to FIFA,” he said. There are many things that should be discussed. It is a complex question and I have to give a political answer to it, that is, without giving an answer.”

How do you check your Croatian in world key?

,Belgium And Croatia Group favourites. There Croatia They are a tough team with a lot of experience. We are missing a striker who scores goals, which we don’t have anymore. Belgium This is a great team. I look forward to a beautiful World Cup as always. All the teams will be fully prepared and I think there will be many surprises because we will not play at the end of the year as usual. The little ones can keep pace to bridge the gap”.

Is it time to try putting real time in football?

“People talk because they have to talk. We should also think about the consequences of this kind of election. The actual time we have in basketball: 40 minutes to play two and a half hours. Traffic to record the time of each position Light will be needed. Three hours in a stadium with -5 in Sweden or 40 degrees elsewhere is not possible. We play an average of 60 minutes per game and so everyone already plays the same amount of time, I like the rules There does not appear to be any logic in including it”.


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