Lockerbie / Scotland. No justice for Hi Meghi – Friday

  Lockerbie / Scotland.  No justice for Hi Meghi - Friday

The Scottish court overruled the Meghi family’s objection to the posthumous sentencing of Libyan intelligence officer Abdel Basset al-Megrahi. Megra was sentenced to life imprisonment for the Lockerbie assault. He was released from prison in 2009 due to a serious illness and later died in Libya. Meghi has always denied any involvement in the attack until his death.

Megra’s son Ali was deeply disappointed at the rejection. The family’s lawyer said they would appeal to the UK Supreme Court.

On 11 March 2020 Scottish Crime Review Commission (Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission – SCCRC) decided that an appeal to the Scottish Supreme Criminal Court against the decision at the time was posthumously accepted by the al-Megharis family because, among other things, there were signs of a possible abortion of justice, An “unreasonable decision”. .

According to the british Guardian In the current appeal proceedings, the judges followed the arguments of British Foreign Minister Dominic Rabb and did not release Lockerbie documents that could help resolve the case and prove Abdelbaset Meghi’s innocence, although Foreign Minister Rabb Himself admitted that the vocation was relevant to the documents. Possibly the lack of these documents led to the current rejection.

The renewed intervention by US politicians, who once again placed a Libyan under extradition charges in December 2020, seeking extradition, is likely to have negative effects. Meghahi, a Libyan family lawyer, drew attention to the overlap and said: “If the verdict against Meghi was overturned, the entire indictment against Libya would end”. It is feared that the new Libyan indictment may affect the case law in the ongoing appeals process.

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This fear has now come true. The staging around Lockerbie has nothing to do with justice and truth, but has a lot to do with dirty intrigue and politics.

Photo: Nelson Mandela meets Meghi in prison


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