London does not rule out a new independence referendum in Scotland

London does not rule out a new independence referendum in Scotland

The British government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has indicated for the first time that it will not stand in the way of a new referendum on Scottish independence. Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister Michael Gove told the Sunday Mail that if there was a clear will for a referendum, there would be.

If there is a clearly clear desire for a referendum, there will be.

Michael Gove, British Deputy Prime Minister

Gove said that in theory, under the right circumstances, the Scottish people could ask the question again, but they did not think it was right and “the public does not think it is right to ask that question at this time.”

The head of the Scottish government is pushing for a new referendum

In the Scottish general election, the parties advocating for independence were victorious. After the election, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that she would proceed with the independence question.

According to polls, support for a break from the United Kingdom is waning again.

London postpones second referendum so far

There has been a dispute over the independence of Scotland for many years. In 2014, Scotland voted narrowly to remain in the United Kingdom in a referendum. With the Brexit referendum in 2016, there were calls for a new referendum, as a clear majority of Scots refused to leave the European Union. For the referendum to be valid, it recognizes that it needs the approval of the British central government. Johnson has so far rejected another referendum.


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